Wineries in Gisborne, New Zealand

Wineries in Gisborne

Kirkpatrick Estate Winery

Aromas and characters of the fruit wafts through the elevated terraced and level land. Their enchanting wines, fascinating cellar door experience and vineyard tour takes you on an in-depth journey through the grape-giving Gisborne.

Simon Kirkpatrick was a drilling superintendent on oil exploration rigs, finally settling down to establish the winery.

Sip a glass of wine at the cellar door situated on the north-facing side, overlooking the Malbec vineyard.  Rows and rows of vines trickling over the landscape. Studded by the hills bordering the Patutani Plateau.

Close your eyes and savour their Gewurztraminer; a delicate rose petal, ginger spice notes, nashi pear, lychee and ginger lingering on your palate.

Their wild Rosé with aromas of raspberries, cream and sweet citrus blossom sparkles to life in the clear glass.

An explosion of cinnamon, blackcurrant aromas, finishing with hints of coffee and fruitcake in the Reserve Malbec drifts down your throat, enhancing the flavours of the antipasto platter.

Dapple in the KEW Virgin Chardonnay; innocent and unassuming, with notes of pineapple, passionfruit and jasmine flavours. An unusual combination for the drier Chardonnay, peeking out hints of sweetness, more resembling the sweeter Sauvignon Blanc.

Kirkpatrick especially known for their award-winning Chardonnays. All wines sourced from this vineyard.

The terraced hill allowing for the best outcome for the wine, while the Merlot vineyard was especially constructed to enhance the grape variety.

Bring a blanket and picnic, sitting out in the garden, sipping a glass of their wine while looking out to Poverty Bay and the surrounding hills.



The Millton Vineyard

A combined estate of thirty hectares, encompassing several different vineyards to create a wine haven, offering some spectacular accomplishments.

James and Anne Millton established the winery in 1984 on the banks of the Te Arai River, quickly making a name for themselves by biodynamic winemaking, enabling to capture the true essence of the fruit.

Medals for their Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay brought international acclaim.

Judges calling the Chenin Blanc, with its golden hue and aromas of fresh lime zest and gardenias, subtle notes of orange blossom a new world classic. The book ‘1001 wines you must try before you die’ published by Penguin 2008, raves about the subtlety.

James trained and worked in Bordeaux, France and Germany, bringing back produce and techniques, putting a New Zealand flavour to them.

The Te Arai Vineyard sits on the riverbank on the Te Arai River, planted with Chenin Blanc, Malbec and Merlot; a nature habitat of gravilleas and bottle brush trees to attract the native birds, such as the bellbird and tui awakened the land. The bright blooming red flower attracting the bees.

A canopy of trees shadows the paved walkway leading to the dining area. The park-like grounds, miniature trees popping alongside the walkway leading to the winery, and to the world of organic wine and grape juice.

Riverpoint vineyard is home to their Chardonnay and Viognier, springing to life from the water that used to rush from the Waipaoa River. The old river bed now a wildlife reserve, only five kilometres from the sea; the cooling sea breeze helping to bring out the flavours of the grapes.

The Opou vineyard housing the Chardonnay clones and Riesling. While the Clos de Ste. Anne vineyard extends up the hillside. Forest plantations and amenity trees, lifestock and olive plantations litter the countryside.

Pinot Noir clones, Syrah and Viognier stretch out before you. The Syrah at the top of the plateau, utilising the cool breezes that drift down.

The Naboth section of the vineyard is one of the first vineyards in the world to see the beginning of a new day.

A bouquet of aromas and notes await you. Their Essencia Chardonnay fills your senses with honey, raisins and apricots. While their 2010 Cosmo Red contains notes of bitter chocolate and booze-soaked maraschino cherries.

Their Clos de Ste. Anne Syrah purple hued wine shimmers in the glass, a faint aroma of violets and dark chocolate lingers.

The Pinot Noir’s complexity of currants, blackforest and thorny rosehip is enhanced with ripe plum and dark fruits, a faint hint of dried herbs interweave.

Gisborne wineries offer pure, locally grown and produced wines. The lightness and complexity enhanced with the hillside vineyards that beckon the sun, while being cooled by the breeze.


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