The book of Beings by Liz Seach review

A fascinating and enticing start to the novel, a little insight to what is to come.

The author sets the scene for something being wrong with the main character, while a young man that seems non-assuming is forced into her life without warning, his unusual attention to her appears like he knows a lot more about what is wrong with her.


Very short chapters keep the novel moving quite quickly, but the exact plot of the novel is a bit slow. It takes awhile for it to get to the point, I was eager to see where it would lead. I would have preferred a bit more information so I would have a better idea of what is to come. It is good to get the unexpected, but I felt a stronger event should have occurred to let the reader know would have heightened the reading experience.


The male character, Elias, is probably the highlight of the novel; enticing and alluring. He livens up the plot with a bit of a back story. His unusual personality and how and why he is there is enjoyable to read. I especially enjoyed when the author narrated his side by writing his thought processes, making it easier to get a feel for him.


Quite an interesting aspect as this young girl is impregnated without her knowledge, thinking that she was a virgin; obviously there is some supernatural aspect coming into this. It seems the aim might be to get a human to bare a child… but with this book, one doesn’t know.


Although it can be viewed slow at times, for some reason I enjoyed it. Normally more of a thriller buff, this was something different. The characters slowly grow and are enjoyable to read. A romance that both are afraid to explore.


This sweet relationship where she is completely unaware of this person behind the scenes keeping an eye out for her and their unborn child.

The plot certainly grows as a man that lusts after the main character is pushed into the limelight and accused of a terrible act, pushing Elias to come forward to protect those that are accused.


The unusual storyline is surprisingly addictive. I want to know how this Elias is involved. How the monk is involved? Although it is a bit slow, I gradually got the gist of where it was going. It was a bit difficult at times to connect with the characters, but for me personally that was more about the age of the characters.


The storyline has a lot of elements; a bit of witchcraft, spells, teenage pregnancy with her hymen still intact, and some type of unusual twist that kept me reading to find out the ultimate reason behind it all.


Although I did quite enjoy the characters and the story, I do think that it went a bit too long. It was a fun read, but certainly some of it could have been cut just to tighten up the overall story.


An interesting and unexpected ending. It definitely leads on to another book. But because it is a series I think I would have liked the first book to contain a little more insight to what Elias is. I was left thinking, what exactly has happened?


3 ½ stars



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