The 8th Wonder of the World.

Are you ready to discover more about the 8th Wonder of the World?

Rakiura National Park on Stewart Island is a world renowned sanctuary, making up 85% of the island’s 1570 square kilometers. 

The Dark Sky Sanctuary International Association recognized the importance of

Rakiura. In 2019 it was awarded accreditation for its outstanding sky quality. Being officially awarded sanctuary status meant that light pollution levels and natural nightscape were controlled and protected. Enabling a better and healthier future for the sanctuary.

What does Rakiura have to offer?

Stewart Island Rakiura is filled with activities and events for the whole family. Arts and culture, bird sightseeing, cruises and fishing, guided walks, hunting and diving, kayaking, the Rakiura Museum, and star gazing.

A gorgeous network made up of former nature reserves, scenic areas and state forests. All made even more impressive to finish off your day with one of the most magnificent sunsets you will ever see. 

Exploring pristine beaches, spying on seals, penguins, weka, and many other birds,

including the national treasure – the kiwi.

The range of ways to explore is almost endless. Offering tramping expeditions lasting up to 11 days. Being able to push yourself to your height limits by reaching the highest point at Mount Anglem at 980 meters. 

To discover more about the range of tracks you can explore, check out

Geography and Climate.

Smaller than Hawaii’s main island, surprisingly the area is larger than the main island of Hong Kong.

Established in 2002 as a National Park, the 400 permanent residents live in a haven still unblemished by the rest of the world’s progression.

Being at the bottom of the south island, the average temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius in summer, and 9 degrees Celsius in winter.

An enchanting world of untarnished ecosystems and habitats await.

Image result for rakiura
Tracks emerge into dense rainforest at Rakiura National Park.

Dense rainforests, freshwater wetlands, and granite mountain ranges pushes the most adventurous to their limits. 

The Land of the Glowing Skies.

This title for Rakiura refers to the amazing night-sky phenomenon known as the Aurora Australis – the Southern Lights. 

Rakiura is ingrained in Maori mythology. Commonly translated now as “The great and deep blushing of Te Rakitamau“.

The almost indescribable sight of a sunset burning through the western horizon is a sight to behold.

Nighttime may be of the most memorable events, not only for the sunsets. While being secured in your conservation hut, the nocturnal bird life provides a musical spectacular – from the calls of the native owl, weka and kiwi.

Rakiura National Park provides a home to these amazing creatures. And allows you a glimpse of what an unpolluted, pristine and cared for landscape can truly look like.

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Even if you cannot travel right now, learning more about this beautiful little country is an adventure in-of-its-self. 

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