Plaza de Espana – Seville’s Chance at Unification.

An array of color, nature and architectural brilliance encircles any who wander in to explore. Set at the edge of Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de Espana holds both historical significance to locals, and a modern day spectacular as an epitome for Moorish revival in Spain, showcasing Spain’s industry and technology.

The great architect Anibal Gonzalez famously designed this plaza for the 1929 Ibero-America Expo to improve relations between Spain and the countries who had historic ties to colonization. 

Venice of Spain

Interwoven throughout the plaza, visitors can meander along the 515-meter length canal flowing past the park and its gorgeous surrounds. Affectionately dubbed ‘the Venice of Spain’. Easy to imagine why as the boats graze along the canal,

interweaving through Maria Luisa Park, allowing visitors to view the plaza at its full glory. 

Representation of Spain

Locals and visitors alike can admire the bank of tiles that represent the different provinces of Spain. Alcoves with benches and tiled mosaics beckon those for great photo ops, or just to sit awhile and marvel at the creativity of what it took to create these masterpieces. Each alcove designated to represent the major provinces of Spain.

An Architectural Marvel

The magnificent abode welcomes visitors with four bridges that represent the ancient kingdoms of Spain. Looming above the expanse are two towers that frame the plaza, and can be seen throughout Seville. Between the two towers a network of galleries, with an arcade of semicircular arches leading to where a fountain stands.

The semi-circular Renaissance/neo-Moorish building appears as if it is almost hugging the canal, bridges curving in front, the Plaza perched in the center. 

plaza de espana, Sevilla, close up wih moat
The bridges curve towards the plaza, resembling a Moorish castle.

The ground and first floor allow stunning glimpses of the city, balconies stretching along the full length of the plaza. As fountains erupt before them, rowboats cruise along the canal, tourists taking pictures leaning against the bridges, one could get lost in a place like no other.

Location, Location, Location

The modern day obsession with Plaza de Espana is showcased to its true glory in movies like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clones’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘Homeland’. 

Imagine the Cairo Great Britain Army Headquarters, or the digitally modified setting for Naboo. Even Dan Brown uses this groundbreaking location for a death scene in his novel ‘Digital Fortress’. 

One could easily forget that the row of bridges set beyond the canal and bridges are now mainly used for government institutions. 

Just a short 10-minute walk from the cathedral and museums. Surrounded by the paradisiacal half mile of palms, orange trees, elms, and Mediterranean pines. Covered with flower beds and dotted with hidden bowers, ponds and pavilions. 

Plaza de Espana speaks of what human ingenuity can accomplish. 

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