Unfaithful – Movie Review

No Spoilers in this review.

Unfaithful is a story that tests the boundaries of any relationship. On the outside, a

loving devoted wife, on the inside dark passions set to turn their world upside down forever.

Diane Lane (Connie), Richard Gere(Edward) and Olivier Martinez(Paul) star in this erotic thriller based on a woman’s lust that ignites a passionate love affair just by a chance encounter with a stranger. And how far a husband might go to protect what he has.

The movie interweaves the possibility of what would have happened if she had just walked the other way, or just resisted the temptation, and thought of the consequences.

Directed by Adrian Lyne, well known for his erotic thrillers like ‘Indecent Proposal’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’. He brings a slightly more toned down version that focuses on the infidelity, with a bit of intrigue thrown in.

So, how steamy does it get? Pretty steamy, while still holding class to each scene. Sex scenes scattered throughout the movie add to the depth of emotions felt by the characters. Using the sex scenes to amplify the risks, the need to pull away, and the inability to let go.

Lies, betrayal and the strength of the relationship between Connie and Edward are tested.

These actors play out their roles as if it was made for them. The strained relationship between Connie and Edward doesn’t appear obvious at first. In fact, she is at first presented as a devoted, faithful wife, visiting her husband at work to bring him a new sweater.

However, as the movie progresses her lies begin to unravel, and her husband begins to suspect. One of the disturbing aspects of this movie is that it doesn’t seem she had an affair because he was a bad husband. In fact, quite the opposite, maybe slightly absent at times. It just appears she was bored and let her desires overrule common sense when encountering Paul by chance.

She’s not thinking of the consequences, at first it appears she doesn’t care. Connie is so caught up with this younger man, the seeds of destruction only gradually manifest. And perhaps brought to the forefront because one of Connie’s friends talks of her regrets in regards to an affair.

However, this movie is not just about wild sex. It has another aspect to it. The darker side of making a mistake. As things unravel, her actions have far-reaching consequences.

I’m not going to reveal any spoilers. All I’m going to say is that the ending sort of leaves things open to interpretation. Not all questions are answered. Not everything is resolved. It is messy, confused. Basically, realistic.

In real life, there is no happy ever after. This movie represents the relationships, the downfall, and the attempted redemption. Yet, things can never be undone. And regards of coming to terms with that lives are changed forever.

A refreshing take on the fragile human psyche. There are always consequences. A vase once broken may be mended, but is still more fragile than the original, and the pieces never quite bit the same again.

They just don’t make movies like this anymore. Good acting, thought out plot, the woman is actually the one causing the destruction, and the characters have major flaws that are never fully fixed.


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