#BookReview Plane in the Lake by Neil Turner. #Thriller

A plane crashes, setting off a chain of events that leaves Tony Valenti scrambling to save his family, bringing him close to an old foe, and people from his father’s past that won’t give up when they have a score to settle.

Megan, a young inexperienced pilot flying a Cessna and several VIPs finds herself in trouble when the plane she is flying begins to malfunction and she cannot control it.

Tony Valenti, a devoted father and a lawyer represents those who may be perceived as lost causes to others. Tony finds himself in the midst of a scandal and lawsuit

when a childhood friend Billy is implicated in wrongdoing in regards to the plane that crashed. Tony and Penelope (his law partner) work together against the ‘big guns’ to clear Billy’s name, and discover the truth behind the crash.

Meanwhile, his home life brings another issue that interconnects with the case he is working on. His father is targeted by those with mafia connections, linked to his past when he was living in Italy.

An attempted shooting sets their world spinning, making them all vulnerable. All the while Tony has to deal with the dirty tactics of rich powerful people who will destroy anyone that gets in their way.

Although the plane’s owners have Tony and Billy in their sights, Tony has his own resources. Using his legal knowledge, assisted by a journalist and detectives, they work to unearth a potential cover-up.

Even though Tony appears confident and capable on the outside, there is a certain amount of insecurity due to people from the past. A lot is revealed about Tony even without knowing him from other books. He is damaged, at times vulnerable to doubting his capabilities. Revealing that abuse can come in many forms, and both women and men are affected.

It gets even more complicated for Billy, and his business partner Rick when the FBI is now involved, and they are in their line of sight. 

As the plot progresses, it appears the mafia angle comes in two fronts. Tony has to now face a bigger foe than just some greedy people. His life and those close to him are all at risk. 

My Thoughts.

The characters are quickly introduced, briefly covering motivations for doing what they are doing. 

Tony’s background and cases he has previously worked on sets up a rather high standard of just what this character is capable of.

It’s an easy read that chucks you into the overall arch quickly. The two separate cases battle for Tony’s attention, both equally important to him, and the author does a good job of balancing out these cases throughout the book.

The plot is easy to follow, motivations and intentions clearly set up, characters slowly progress throughout the story, each event revealing more about the characters.

I enjoy how the author gradually reveals the disturbing details about the background of Tony and the people he cares for. They have been through abuse, trials, and have come out stronger. There is no sense that things have been handed to him. He has worked to get where he is.  

Based on some of the other reviews, I was expecting a faster paced thriller, suspending me in anticipation to see what happens next. Unfortunately, it did not hit the mark. I was hoping to pull something more from it, and it just wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, the book wasn’t bad.

It seemed more of a legal drama, than a suspenseful thriller.

Although the characters were set up pretty well in the beginning, the emotional connection for the characters lacked the more I read about them, partly due to the fact when his family is in immediate danger, his emotional response isn’t really there. That could be intentional on the author’s part for his character to suppress his emotions so he stays focused, it just prevented me from becoming invested in any of the characters, and what happened to them. 

It is hard to feel for a character that shows emotion to a past hurt, yet when something terrible happens in the present, it was just like another typical day. 

The ending is pretty much what you would expect, concluding what the book has been leading up to. 

If you are looking for an edge-of-your-seat kind of thriller with twists and turns, then this one isn’t for you.

It is more about Tony trying to ‘save’ people close to him while the corrupt try to manipulate events throughout. An easy read to get through pretty quickly as it is not a complicated plot. 

Personally, I feel this is more character driven than a plot driven story.

Rating: 3 out of 5

If you have some suggestions about some good thrillers to read, I would love to hear about them in the comments. 🙂

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