Brain Teaser. Signals. Emotions. Body Language, and the Brain.

Brain Teaser. How much do you know about body language and the impact of the brain? Check out this short quiz to test your knowledge, and perhaps learn something new in the process. 🙂

  1. A signal or piece of body language that a person gives off which indicates their true emotions is sometimes called:
  • a. The truth
  • b. A tell
  • c. Emotions
  • d. A behavioural display

2. Which of the following is most likely to reveal the truth about how a person feels?

  • a. Their tone of voice
  • b. The words they say
  • c. Their hand and leg movements
  • d. The slogan on their t-shirt

3. It is easier to control your body language than to control your words.

a. True

b. False

4. Subconscious body language behaviours come from our emotions, which are generated in which part of the brain.

a. Cerebrum

b. Grey matter

c. Limbic region

d. Left hemisphere

5. Which part of the brain is often called the “primitive” brain?

a. Cerebrum

b. Grey matter

c. Limbic region

d. Right hemisphere

6. Which part of the brain is the largest?

  • a. Cerebrum
  • b. Amygdale
  • c. Limbic region
  • d. Left hemisphere

7. Due to its location, the limbic region of the brain is sometimes called what?

  • a. The shell

b. Outer brain

c. Grey matter

d. Deep brain

8. Why does our skin sometimes turn pale?

a. Blood is diverted to larger muscle groups

b. This only happens when we are cold

c. This only happens when we are hot

d. It is an allergic reaction

9. Humans cannot ______ communicate.

  • a. Effectively
  • b. Verbally
  • c. Not
  • d. Always

10. To read body language effectively you must look for what?

  • a. Only body movement that matches the words spoken
  • b. Only body movement that matches the tone of voice
  • c. Body language that changes during the encounter
  • d. none of the above.



2. c

3. b







10. c

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Sharlene Almond is the author of the genre-bending Annabella Cordova series, and a New Zealand travel book Journey in little Paradise. She has written a range of health, writing and body language articles; contributing as a guest writer on other blogs. Over the last ten years, Sharlene has attained qualifications in Body Language, Criminology, Journalism, Editing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Pet Care, and Animal Behaviour. While setting up an online nutritional business, she is studying to specialize in Medicinal Cannabis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sharlene is also currently editing her second Annabella Cordova novel, with two others in the works. To support her online business, Sharlene sends out a trimonthly newsletter covering health, body language, writing, and even articles centered on health topics for your pet.

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