#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.

Genre: Thriller

No Spoilers.

Savannah Lincoln is a ruthless and successful criminal lawyer in the line of fire when a number of her former clients disappear. Two detectives believe she is the main connection, leading them to investigate her life, and the multiple personalities she exhibits.

A seemingly confident woman, Savannah begins to unravel, exposing how far she will go to extract retribution on those she deems guilty. Becoming Judge and Jury, her brutal past will dictate her future.

Meanwhile, a serial killer roams the streets hunting for their next target. Who will be next?

My Review

The reader is thrown into the seedy and unscrupulous world of the courts. Savannah Lincoln is defending a man accused of rape. With the first two pages I got an idea of the kind of person Savannah is, and even the defendant whether he is guilty or not guilty.

I was instantly drawn in to see where this was heading.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us face the ugly truth that these women are promiscuous and obvious gold diggers…This is a practical case; do not be fooled by their crocodile tears”

‘Call me Lawless’

Damn. So, what’s the story…?

Savannah is a ruthless criminal lawyer that basically defends the scum that have the money to pay her to create reasonable doubt in court. She has not lost a case yet.

I can’t say she is a particularly likeable character. Not just because of what she does, her entire attitude is entitled, condescending and obnoxious. Hell, even the author refers to her as pompous. Then on the other side, she is good to the people that are loyal to her.

The story goes into her busy life and the kinds of people she represents, all the while she is having to contend with the police looking more closely at what she is doing. Detective Smith and Detective Wayne believe there is something more going on that is centered around her.

Her revelation as an addict in an AA meeting quickly breaks down most of her life that seems pretty good, yet despite that she appears to be a rather contentious and spiteful person. Rude to people that haven’t done anything to her. Which does get me thinking. Is she the protagonist or antagonist?

Written in third person, I felt like I was looking in on Savannah’s life instead of being a part of it. Admittedly, I do prefer first-person POV; however, there is a unique style to the way she writes. When describing a scene, KD Law sometimes refers to things as though the author is addressing ‘you’ the audience, instead of the character talking to you.

The titled chapters provide a preview of what that chapter is going to contain, gradually unmasking the type of person Savannah is and her background. Her thoughts seem to be spoken in quote marks, at times making it difficult to ascertain if she was speaking out loud, or if for some reason her thoughts were in quote/speech marks.

The chapters don’t show where in the timeline events occur, so to begin with I wasn’t sure if had jumped back in time. Dating the chapters would have made the events more immersive.

Would I describe it is a psychological thriller?  The psychological thriller aspect may be due to the premise that is revealed about half through the story.  It isn’t a whodunit. There is no mystery to solve. It basically covers Savannah’s life, her background, the people she meets, why she is supposedly the way she is, and what it all leads up to. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat eager to find out what was going to happen next.

I do see what the author was trying to achieve. She slowly unravels the disturbed psyche of Savannah. A veneer of charisma, bitchiness and power; underneath that you begin to see just what kind of person she really is.

It took a while to build up to where it was heading. Not overly surprising where it was headed, yet at the same time it was still a good little twist in the story that displays that you just don’t know what someone is actually capable of.

Laced with profanity, violent descriptions, discussions of rape, and scenes of torture may not be up everyone’s alley. The premise of the story is good, the execution of it was too slow at times, and too gory and over the top at others. It is just difficult to enjoy a book when there is nothing to like about the main character. I wasn’t rooting for her despite her background, in fact I was looking forward for things to catch up to her.

I personally wouldn’t read a continuation of the story because of all the profanity, and no redemption for the characters.

What is your view of a story if the main character has no redeeming qualities?

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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