#BookRecommendation Behind Closed Doors by Michael Streeter

Throughout history rumours have circulated around certain groups that could have influenced major political decisions, world events, and even alleged to be behind infamous killings and assassinations to further their goal.

Isis and Horus appear in many secret society traditions and beliefs. ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

Behind Closed Doors unveils the kind of power and influence some secret societies wield, and how far some may go to maintain their hold on power, and the political landscape.

In Dan Brown’s books he discusses some of these secret societies, like Opus Dei and the Freemasons. Scientology established a name for itself when the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta pledged their loyalty. Then there is the historically violent Ku Klux Klan.

Michael Streeter starts from the beginning from medieval Spain to modern-day LA.

“Peeling away the speculation and paranoia to reveal their true nature and impact upon society.”

Behind closed doors

Perhaps it all began in religion and paganism, secrets held by the very elite. With Pythagoras holding many secrets that others sought to control. However, there was a rather infamous tale in history that led to the makings of one of the most well-known societies. Hiram Abiff was a Master Builder that supposedly worked on King Solomon’s temple. As the story goes, he was murdered by priests whom demanded the secrets behind the building of the temple. The nature of his death was used in initiation rituals in Freemasonry.

Pythagoras allegedly founded his secret society to protect ancient secrets. ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

Then we travel to the times of the Merovingians, Cathars, and the Knights Templar.

The Merovingians and the Priory of Sion was much talked about in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The Cathars were forced into secrecy due to the prosecution of the Catholic Church because they dared to believe differently than what the church ascribed to. Then we come to the Knights Templar that perhaps were privy to secret knowledge, and even more sought after – treasure.

Freemasonry is based on a range of ideologies that cover esoteric and symbolic beliefs. Freemasons were not always a ‘secret society’. In fact, the very elite were only allowed to be members. Perhaps suggesting that they wielded much power, and the meetings at lodges could have even involved the discussions and handlings of world events.

Due to the prosecution in World War II, along with Jews, Freemason lodges were burnt, and many were imprisoned, perhaps forcing them to go underground. Although they are shrouded in controversy, they are now more in the public. With any male allowed to join by referral from a lodge member, partaking in charity work.

Of course, that is not what Freemasonry is so famous for. From many American presidents, the American one-dollar bill with an all-seeing eye, The Morgan Affair, French Revolution (where many believe Freemasons were the plotters of the Revolution), Latin American Revolutions, and even famously the conspiracy theory that elite members of the British Lodge were involved in the Jack the Ripper killings to cover-up the illicit affair and pregnancy of the prince and a prostitute.

The all-seeing eye, a pyramid, and latin writing that refers to ‘the New World Order’. ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

From the Enlightened Ones of the Illuminati, the Rosicrucianism, Paganism, Magick, Magicians, Kabbalah, Aleister Crowley, and the occult. Detailed images down through the ages reveal some the of beliefs behind these societies.

Behind Closed Doors examines the wealth and influence of Jewish sectors and Anti-Semitism, Skull and Bones Societies, Cecil Rhodes, the Council of Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the elite Bilderberg Group, the Jesuits, Opus Dei, and the Church of Scientology.

Then we come to the criminal organizations that have plagued law enforcement agencies throughout history. The brutal initiations some initiates undergo, to the wide-spread criminal underworld of the mafia and mob.

The Cosa Nostra was one of the most powerful Italian mafia groups, and perhaps one of the most secretive.

“If the success of a criminal secret society can be measured by its ability to remain secret, then the Cosa Nostra on that score alone can be considered exceptionally successful… it was not until as late as 1992 that investigators and experts were finally convinced that the Cosa Nostra really existed.”

Behind Closed Doors by Michael Streeter.

This group had initiates cup the image of a burnt Virgin Mary statue to resemble what will happen to his flesh if he betrays the organization. Some of these initiations closely resembled some of the Freemason’s initiations.

From the Italian Mafia, to the Russian Mafia, Thugee, the 11th-century Assassins, the Triads, and the Yakuza.

This book covers them all. Divulging the fascinating history, the people involved, the acts they may have committed, and the implications if some of the conspiracy theories were actually true.

“As long as there is a human species, a secret society will be a weapon that can liberate or enslave.”


A great reference book for crime, mystery and conspiracy authors. Not just as a book to read in its entirety, also to learn more about this world in which many influential members may have contributed to influencing world events.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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