#BookReview The Sabine Basin Conspiracy by Anthony DeWitt

American agencies rush to discover the immense power behind a gravitational wave, while a stranger possesses a powerful force that sets off a tirade of catastrophic events.

Redacted. Top Secret. 1948, a major scientific discovery is under way conducted by Wilhelm Reich which could change the way emotions are triggered.  Dr Albert Einstein partakes in this revolutionary research around a certain type of ‘energy’, driving ambitious people to carry out violent acts.

In 2015, A mysterious stranger enters a bank, releasing a substance that causes everyone to be drawn to one another like they are on a hallucinate drug.

Admiral Julian Kay stumbles across a terrible energy anomaly at a farm that can destroy all that come near. The admiral and his team collide with a powerful force that will do anything to contain the power that could destroy. The admiral and his team urgently investigate before this power spreads and is out of control.

Agent Kristin Abernathy and Agent Sanchez’s mission is set off course when a ‘sonic boom’ occurs. Waking up in hospital without her partner, Kristin is determined to investigate this mysterious energy that not only changes a person physically, it can change a person mentally. Abernathy teams up with the Admiral to help uncover the mysterious phenomena.

Agent Nomi from Homeland Security is brought in to investigate the ‘incident’ at the bank, and video evidence disappears.

A weapon not of this world is sought after by outside agencies, and agents lacking the understanding of the way it works sets this world into a catastrophic set of events that could drive the whole world to ruin.

My Review.

Suspend belief and what you may think is impossible becomes possible.

There are two small introductions to what this novel is going to be about. The main story begins in 1948 where three prominent doctors are discussing ‘orgone’ energy that could revolutionize physics. Something so powerful has two sides, one to potentially do good, and the other to do harm.

The story then jumps to 2015. And well, this story took an interesting turn. The connection with the energy discussed in 1948 perhaps influences heavily on what occurs in the bank in order for this stranger to be given the access it requires.

I was riveted by the direction this story was heading. An entity has in its possession a weapon that could change warfare, the way people react, think, and survive. This stranger roams the streets wreaking havoc in order to gain certain elements.

The story jumps between 2015 and earlier eras of 1895, the 40s, the 1980s, and where influential people of the scientific community are introduced like Nikolas Tesla.

The story delves into the territory of conspiracy where governments will do anything, kill anyone to keep their secrets, preventing civilians from finding out the terrible truth.

“To quote Batman: The Dark Knight, ‘Some people just want to see the world burn.’

The Sabine Basin Conspiracy.

Agent Abernathy and Agent Sanchez from the FBI stumble across something unexplainable driving them to investigate the strange energy anomaly.

The plot has so many different elements covering a powerful energy disruption, alien phenomena, and the conspiracy to cover up that expansive energy field. Both the characters and the plot are equal drawing features, at the same time the progression and character arcs take a little longer to take hold.

Slowly the background of the characters is introduced. A legend in the military, Admiral Kay uses his influence to gain access to scientists that can help him understand what this exceptional force is. Directors and law enforcement all seem more than just simple ‘humans’. The government wants to keep things under wraps; however, the pull begins to grow more and more out of control.

While Agent Abernathy’s life is turned upside after a plane crash, she is partnered with an agent that isn’t all that she seems.

“The man’s voice seems to come from nowhere and everywhere.”

Agent Nomi is a complex and slightly deranged character who battles with voices in her head, treading the lines of good and bad. Her character brings a bit of Stargate vibe.

Director Carol bides her time, sending in a unique operative to work alongside Abernathy to uncover what that farm holds.

Agent St Clair is probably one of the most fascinating of all the characters. And this is where is gets really interesting, and really peculiar. Toying with ideas bordering on the fringes of what is possible, if you push the boundaries on what some consider impossible.

Then there is the farm itself. A macabre scene of vast cane fields, crows, bomb bunkers, voices and – gravitational waves.

The story is full of diverse characters that contribute to building a bigger picture of just what the story is about. Utilizing historical theories almost resembling Marvelesque concepts, human experiments to increase life, advanced weapons and prosthetics, and advanced ships that can contain the technology to change gravity; therefore, potentially changing space and time.

Being lost down the rabbit hole doesn’t quite describe the events that take place in this book. Lies, deceit, subterfuge, aliens, extraordinary forces and organizations resembling Men in Black all make up this diverse cast.

Even though there is a lot going on, things are explained throughout, making it easy to keep up with events, as you learn alongside the characters what is taking place and why.

The ending brings all the characters colliding together with hidden motives to finally understand what is happening. The last sentence of the novel was probably one of my favourite twists.

The story has a diverse mix of Stargate, Marvel, Men in Black, time travel, and moving time and space. Yet somehow the author successfully amalgamated all of these aspects to make sense and provide a satisfying ending.

Readers that enjoy a solid sci-fi, with a bit of psychological suspense thrown in would enjoy this read.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What is Your Favourite Sci-fi book?

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