How to Reduce Stress with THIS Breathing Technique.

Your breathing is your Brain’s Remote control – it can enable the body to ‘switch’ stations and even ‘frequencies’. Nasal breathing and deep breathing have a direct link to cognitive functions. This remote control affects the electrical signals that communicate with emotional processing centers. Deep breathing can aid the body to release endorphins, the feel-goodContinue reading “How to Reduce Stress with THIS Breathing Technique.”

8 REASONS You Should Drink GREEN TEA.

Did you know green tea can be consumed as a post workout drink, and to increase calorie burn if you drink it while exercising? The awareness to the benefits of antioxidants is growing. Doctors, dieticians, naturopaths and others in the health care profession are continuing to research the benefits of antioxidants, thought to fight theContinue reading “8 REASONS You Should Drink GREEN TEA.”

Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.

Lemon, honey and cayenne pepper may have been mentioned in some of my other immunity videos for top immunity boosters. High in Vitamin C and Fibre, lemons can help to Support Heart Health, Control Healthy Weight, Prevent Kidney Stones, Protect Against Anaemia by improving iron absorption, and Reduces Cancer Risk due its antioxidant terpenes andContinue reading “Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.”

Heating up IMMUNITY with these 7 SPICES!

Did you know that cutting garlic open releases a myriad of nutrients vital for the immune system? Including iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene, Vitamin C and 17 amino acids! Garlic, ginger and pepper. Most of us have probably heard about some spices that are particularly effective for improving immunity. Like with herbs, spices have beenContinue reading “Heating up IMMUNITY with these 7 SPICES!”

#BookReview The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle

Techno-Thriller Tripp finds himself in hot water when in order to fund his research, he crosses the ethical lines putting everyone he cares for at risk. Synopsis: “Tripp Galloway finds himself struggling to balance his dreams of curing diseases with his morality. His team is on the cutting edge of medicine, using gene editing toContinue reading “#BookReview The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle”

7 Herbs for Boosting Immunity Naturally

Did you Know that Certain Herbs contain a Substance called Glycosides which act as a Natural Antibiotic? Herbs have been used medicinally for centuries to treat a range of health conditions – from inflammation, bowel complaints, ‘diseases of the limbs’, and ‘diseases of the skin’. For thousands of years, our ancestors realized the powerful capabilitiesContinue reading “7 Herbs for Boosting Immunity Naturally”

Boosting IMMUNITY with Citrus and Berries.

One cannot go by citrus and berries when looking at foods to boost immunity. High in antioxidants and vital vitamins, these delicious goodies are packed full of nutrients the immune system not only needs to survive, but to thrive. Let’s take a look at some of the best citrus and berries for boosting immunity.