Guided Forest Meditation for Calming Anxiety and ADHD.

Sometimes it just takes a few moments to escape into an imaginary world where you feel safe and comfortable to help you to put things into perspective, and enable you to feel more confident to take on challenges. This Guided Forest Meditation for Calming Anxiety and ADHD takes you into a peaceful forest where IContinue reading “Guided Forest Meditation for Calming Anxiety and ADHD.”

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts in Social Anxiety!

Most people have experienced some sort of social anxiety, and generally are fine in most situations. However, for others, it can occur just thinking about being around other people. In some instances, social anxiety is triggered by a past event, leaving a person to believe ALL social experiences are going to be bad. In thisContinue reading “Challenging Your Negative Thoughts in Social Anxiety!”

Full Body Beginner Yoga Meditation for Anxiety.

This is one of my favourite yoga meditation sessions that I use on recovery days to improve flexibility and help me to focus on deep belly breathing through the yoga poses. If you cannot perform any of the poses, take it into some gentle Cat and Cow, Child’s Pose, and gentle Rounding Back Stretches instead.Continue reading “Full Body Beginner Yoga Meditation for Anxiety.”

‘As and When’ Tension Reduction Technique.

‘As and when’ tension reduction technique is used as an immediate response to stressful triggers and circumstances, and may help in some cases where an NEAD seizure or mood swing is pending. This technique is not about a cure, but research within the NHS has indicated that in a proportion of sufferers, using breathing andContinue reading “‘As and When’ Tension Reduction Technique.”

Social Anxiety – How we Trigger Danger Mode!

How do you feel when you go out in public? Do you have sweaty palms, a racing heart, or do you just try to avoid being around people as much as you can? Social anxiety can potentially prevent you from doing what you want to do, or achieve what you want. The body goes throughContinue reading “Social Anxiety – How we Trigger Danger Mode!”

How You can Change Social Anxiety with Relaxation.

In this video, I’ll be discussing why relaxation is not only vital for relieving anxiety and stress, relaxation can aid in clearing the mind, opening it up to other possibilities, and improving your ability to manage any situation, including managing and controlling the effects of social anxiety. Relaxation techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis, visualizations and deepContinue reading “How You can Change Social Anxiety with Relaxation.”

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.

In this Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief, I will first take you through a gentle relaxation sequence, just to relax the body and mind, to prepare it for a deeper self-hypnosis. Then, we will take a journey inward, towards any pain you are holding. Within this meditation, we will train the mind toContinue reading “Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.”

How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking!

How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking! In this video, I will be discussing two common mindsets that can lead to, or worsen anxiety, depression, PTSD and OCD – Over-thinking and Over-generalizing. I’ll be talking a little bit about some things that completely changed my life, how I used those experiences to move forward, howContinue reading “How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking!”

The Path to True Success!

In this video, I will be discussing what self-awareness really is, how being self-aware can change every aspect of your life, and present some real-life situations and thought processes that lead to different outcomes depending on what path you choose… I then present another possibility that you could go with, and a good moral toContinue reading “The Path to True Success!”

Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.

This guided meditation for Understanding Anxiety and Stress helps to bring to light unresolved thoughts and emotions that might be festering beneath the surface. They might be emotions you are wanting to avoid, or emotions that you are reluctant to admit to. Instead, of allowing these emotions to hold you in a state of anxiety,Continue reading “Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.”