Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?

Bram Stoker became famous for his legendary tale on Dracula. Many speculate that he based his idea on Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler; born 1431, and presumed to have died sometime in December of 1476, although how he exactly died, is still undetermined.  Vlad Tepes, the man that was imprisoned by the Turks, beatenContinue reading “Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?”

Taking the Step to Self-publish

One of the things most writers have in common is the rejection after rejection from agents and publishers. People may say, it is so hard to write a book, how do you do it? But most writers will roll their eyes and say “writing was easy, now I have to sell it.” And that’s theContinue reading “Taking the Step to Self-publish”

New Plymouth – the Events Centre, New Zealand

What can you do in this small little city? The mountainous landscape that rises above the swelling sea offers you a view to what you can enjoy. Known as the events centre; major festivals, sports events and concerts are regularly performed to entertain those away from Mount Taranaki. With its rich volcanic soil, the numberContinue reading “New Plymouth – the Events Centre, New Zealand”