8 REASONS You Should Drink GREEN TEA.

Did you know green tea can be consumed as a post workout drink, and to increase calorie burn if you drink it while exercising? The awareness to the benefits of antioxidants is growing. Doctors, dieticians, naturopaths and others in the health care profession are continuing to research the benefits of antioxidants, thought to fight theContinue reading “8 REASONS You Should Drink GREEN TEA.”

Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.

Lemon, honey and cayenne pepper may have been mentioned in some of my other immunity videos for top immunity boosters. High in Vitamin C and Fibre, lemons can help to Support Heart Health, Control Healthy Weight, Prevent Kidney Stones, Protect Against Anaemia by improving iron absorption, and Reduces Cancer Risk due its antioxidant terpenes andContinue reading “Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.”

Heating up IMMUNITY with these 7 SPICES!

Did you know that cutting garlic open releases a myriad of nutrients vital for the immune system? Including iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene, Vitamin C and 17 amino acids! Garlic, ginger and pepper. Most of us have probably heard about some spices that are particularly effective for improving immunity. Like with herbs, spices have beenContinue reading “Heating up IMMUNITY with these 7 SPICES!”

Immunity Boosting Honey Sriracha Meatballs.

One of my favourite meals! And perfect timing. If you have watched some of my other immunity videos, you’ll know why chicken or tofu might come in rather handy in winter… Not to mention all the other immunity boosting goodies. I changed the original recipe a bit so it makes more sauce. You can eitherContinue reading “Immunity Boosting Honey Sriracha Meatballs.”

Can Meat Really Boost Immunity?

Did you Know that Game Meats are not only high in protein, they are also high in B Vitamins and Fatty Acids that aids in balancing the inflammatory response? These are crucial nutrients for balancing the inflammatory response and down- regulating the cytokines that cause inflammation. We have probably heard about the term – CytokineContinue reading “Can Meat Really Boost Immunity?”

Why Grains, Pulses and Beans are Considered Some of the Best Immunity Boosters.

Did you Know that Oats Contain Powerful Antioxidant Flavanoids that can Help Break-down Cholesterol and Reduce Risk of Cancer? Grains, pulses and beans have been known for centuries to contain some pretty powerful compounds to build resistance to disease, enrich skin health, aid in detoxification, and improve bowel health. The ‘King of Beans’ Aduki beansContinue reading “Why Grains, Pulses and Beans are Considered Some of the Best Immunity Boosters.”

The LOW Down on LOW FAT Diets.

There was a time that low-fat diets were recommended as an effective way to lose weight. Research has shown that foods labelled ‘low-fat’ tend to be higher in sugars and carbohydrates. One of the problems with low-fat diets is the focus on the reduction of ALL fats, not just saturated fats. A low-calorie diet focusesContinue reading “The LOW Down on LOW FAT Diets.”

Four Must-Include Vitamins for Children.

Children need vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system, growth, mental and physical development, and overall good health. Certain vitamins like Vitamin C and D are necessary for absorption of minerals, vitamin A helps keep eyes healthy, and B vitamins are necessary for helping the body make energy and metabolism, as well as participateContinue reading “Four Must-Include Vitamins for Children.”

Five Must-Include Minerals for Child Development – Childhood Nutrition Made Easy

Protein, fibre and good fats are crucial for the development of a child. However, there are some other nutrients that ideally should be included. In most cases, where your child has a ‘balanced’ diet, they will probably be getting enough. Unfortunately, there are many foods that may be looked upon as healthy, and in factContinue reading “Five Must-Include Minerals for Child Development – Childhood Nutrition Made Easy”

20 Foods to Reduce Your Heart Risk and Prevent Strokes.

Heart disease fatalities are rising, and many with heart disease develop other health issues. Over 17.9 million people died in 2019 from heart disease, representing 32% of global deaths. Heart disease affects the heart’s valves, blood vessels, rhythm and muscles. One of the most common causes of heart disease is an unhealthy lifestyle – poorContinue reading “20 Foods to Reduce Your Heart Risk and Prevent Strokes.”