On a Twist of a Psychological Thriller comes Initiated to Kill.

On a twist of a psychological thriller comes Initiated to Kill. Two men, centuries apart, initiated into an organization whose influence spans the globe. A university and influential figures conspire to engineer chaos and fear to undermine a country by eroding trust in authority and everything around them. Yes, I am shamelessly going to plugContinue reading “On a Twist of a Psychological Thriller comes Initiated to Kill.”

Why Do I use Conspiracy Theories in my Novels?

Conspiracy theories. They intrigue, inspire, thrill, scare and just plain remind us just how little we may know about major events in history. Conspiracy theories delve into the minor to the extreme in what could have happened. Dan Brown, in my opinion, made this sub-genre popular. Whether the idea seems far-fetched, or a little tooContinue reading “Why Do I use Conspiracy Theories in my Novels?”

Why I use Art History in my Novels.

Art paints the past, the present and the future. Capturing one moment in time and bringing it to life. It takes a truly talented person to paint something so life-like you can easily imagine sitting in the scene and observing all that is going on around you.  I have always had an interest in ArtContinue reading “Why I use Art History in my Novels.”

Why I use Historical Events in my Novels.

Those that do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. History is imperative to remember. If we look back at history, we see patterns begin to form. If we don’t look at our history, we won’t fully understand our present or future.  I use history in my novels in two ways. Firstly, I useContinue reading “Why I use Historical Events in my Novels.”

Why I use Flashbacks in Initiated to Kill.

I use flashbacks to show rather than just tell through dialogue a person’s background. My books are designed like a psychological profile of each character in a story-telling way. I want to show why a person turned out the way they did.  London, 1996  “A slight breeze whistled through the trees, a lone branch brushedContinue reading “Why I use Flashbacks in Initiated to Kill.”

Casebook Reveals Jack the Ripper Suspects.

Jack the Ripper will probably go down in history as one of the most infamous unsolved serial killings. Experts still debate who Jack the Ripper really was. There were over 500 suspects, narrowed down to 31 suspects; including the Royal Conspiracy angle and the Freemason angle. DNA was present on evidence from two of theContinue reading “Casebook Reveals Jack the Ripper Suspects.”

A Killer Whose Identity is Still a Mystery.

A man that would play dress-up in the real world. Roam the streets of Whitechapel dressed as a solider, or another character that would take his fancy. These streets were his stage, he could play any part, cast anyone he liked in whatever role he desired. From this, he would create such a masterpiece thatContinue reading “A Killer Whose Identity is Still a Mystery.”

Triana – the Gypsy Spirit of Sevilla.

Triana was formerly known as the gypsy quarter of Seville. People from Triana consider themselves more Trianeros than aSevillano. Filled with a gypsy spirit, it feels like another world entirely once you cross the bridge into the quaint barrio of Triana to taste some of the best tapas in Spain. The Isabel II Bridge makes a fabulous spotContinue reading “Triana – the Gypsy Spirit of Sevilla.”

WhiteChapel – Infamous for 11 Unsolved Murders.

‘Centre of  London’s Jewish community, Whitechapel became infamous for 11 murders from 1888-91.”  19thcentury Whitechapel reeked with corruption, poverty and cruelty.  Conditions so squalid, that a Yiddish actor commented that not even in Russia, or in the worst slums of New York, never-before-seen poverty polluted the streets of Whitechapel. Such terrible poverty drove women into prostitution, withContinue reading “WhiteChapel – Infamous for 11 Unsolved Murders.”

Discovered on Huelva Beach – a mutilated corpse uncovered in Initiated to Kill.

A mutilated corpse washes up on Huelva Beach, his organs missing. The dead body resembling atrocities of ancient rituals and the crimes of an infamous serial killer. “Rolling hills, agriculture, sunflowers and wheat offered them a glorious scene as they traveled along the Cadiz coast. He hadn’t been here for some time. Sometimes in theContinue reading “Discovered on Huelva Beach – a mutilated corpse uncovered in Initiated to Kill.”