#BookReview Dream of Reality by George Holland

A car crash. A falling body, and a foretelling dream manifested years earlier. Dennis Sagebiel – a self-proclaimed hobo enjoys the danger of living on the edge, jumping train after train to his next destination. Ginnie, a young girl eager to drive her new car, and Carl an ex-navy Seal, loving husband and father haveContinue reading “#BookReview Dream of Reality by George Holland”

#BookRecommendation Behind Closed Doors by Michael Streeter

Throughout history rumours have circulated around certain groups that could have influenced major political decisions, world events, and even alleged to be behind infamous killings and assassinations to further their goal. Behind Closed Doors unveils the kind of power and influence some secret societies wield, and how far some may go to maintain their holdContinue reading “#BookRecommendation Behind Closed Doors by Michael Streeter”

#BookReview Dark Arts, Dark Acts – The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Novels by Orlando Pearson 

November, 1947. Whitehall has issued instructions that the world still believes Sherlock is dead. Watson drives on with published works on their many adventures. And thus, we get taken back to the years of World War II where Holmes and Watson once again take on cases no one else can solve. “Come Watson! The gameContinue reading “#BookReview Dark Arts, Dark Acts – The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Novels by Orlando Pearson ”

#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.

Genre: Thriller No Spoilers. Savannah Lincoln is a ruthless and successful criminal lawyer in the line of fire when a number of her former clients disappear. Two detectives believe she is the main connection, leading them to investigate her life, and the multiple personalities she exhibits. A seemingly confident woman, Savannah begins to unravel, exposingContinue reading “#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.”

#BookRecommendation Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us

We marvel at a spectacular sunset, the way animals instinctively detect danger and even natural disasters, the frightening and awe-inspiring cataclysmic eruption of a volcano, and still to this day the debate rages on how it all began. In Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us details Our Planet’s Past, Awesome forces of Change,Continue reading “#BookRecommendation Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us”

 #BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden

Genre: Thriller No spoilers. Intimidation, bribery, corruption and human trafficking. James McGettigan battles the most powerful to clear his name and protect those they are coming after. When James tries to rescue a woman in the water that fell from the boat belonging to an old nemesis, and whom potentially helped to cover up Donald’sContinue reading ” #BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden”

#BookReview Galaxy in Flames

Brother against brother. Traitors against loyalists. A battle on Isstvaan III sets the stage for something greater and more terrifying. Beloved characters have to make a stand against one of the strongest forces in the galaxy. Betrayed and left to die a horrible death, the survivors make a final stand in the name of theContinue reading “#BookReview Galaxy in Flames”

#BookRecommendation Mysteries of the Unexplained

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” Albert Einstein Searching for answers of the mysterious and unexplainable haunts every curious mind. From understanding the unquiet sky, to the medieval superstition of unearthly fates, immersed beyond the walls of time, experiencing the faithContinue reading “#BookRecommendation Mysteries of the Unexplained”

#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi

Caliban. A world before the arrival of the emperor. Before the angels, when storms besieged the warp preventing travel to other planets, worlds left to their own devices. A world apart from any type of humanity for over 5000 years. A world with their own culture and beliefs. Knights, Great War horses, and primitive weaponsContinue reading “#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi”

#BookRecommendation The Encyclopaedia of Mass Murder

School shootings, mob hits, the prohibition era, terrorist plots and the dark ages of the likes of Hitler and Stalin. Murder in of itself horrifies us at the audacity and viciousness of the attacks. Mass murder shocks the nation, as in many cases the killings are not targeted at just one individual, it is atContinue reading “#BookRecommendation The Encyclopaedia of Mass Murder”