#BookRecommendation – Criminal Masterminds by Charlotte Greig

Pablo Escobar, Joseph ‘Whitey’ Riordan, Charles Manson, Al Capone, Ned Kelly and Osama Bin Laden. Names that live throughout history for their infamous brutality. These men, along with many others committed vicious acts that fascinate and appall us. Somehow, these people got away with audacious crimes even though some acts were committed right out inContinue reading “#BookRecommendation – Criminal Masterminds by Charlotte Greig”

#BookReview Beginner’s Luck by M.J. Furtek

Hildur is on the run from her elite organization determined to kill any that get in their way. The Watcher. Ready. Waiting for the target. Hildur is tracking her current target in the picturesque Iceland. Hired to kill. She is on the lookout for anyone that might increase the body count. Trained in body andContinue reading “#BookReview Beginner’s Luck by M.J. Furtek”

#BookReview The Deadlier Sin by Phillip Urmson

A gripping tale of a missing girl that leads hard-nosed PI Walter to unearth a conspiracy. Walter Blunt, an ex-cop and high-priced private detective in Adelaide finishes off on a case of a husband’s infidelity. His next clients are not what he is used to. The Burrowes are desperate to find their missing daughter Lucy,Continue reading “#BookReview The Deadlier Sin by Phillip Urmson”

#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan

A woman finds herself in a precarious situation when she discovers something her bosses don’t want her to know. Afraid and alone, a drunken encounter at a bar completely changes everything she can remember… Minnie Chance is brought onto a peculiar case by Martin, a US Marshal who found a woman on the beach. BattlingContinue reading “#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan”

#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.

A series of cases brings Watson closer to the infamous Moriarty gang, each case unveiling the intent behind their criminal activities, designed to seek out a weapon that could bring about war. The story begins on a stormy ocean, all seems lost, waves crashing against the boat, a stranger appears on the helm; wealthy, secretiveContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.”

#BookReview The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks

International espionage, the criminal underworld, and political corruption send Lieutenant Raphael Conza on a complex trail that leads to 1980s, Germany. A few seconds later, it was all over. Milan Contract In the brief instant it took the .22 bullet to effortlessly drill a neat hole in Lukas Stolz’s forehead, he relived the summer stormsContinue reading “#BookReview The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks”

#BookRecommendation Evil Serial Killers by Charlotte Greig

Serial Killers. Most of us cannot begin to imagine what it is like to kill, let alone brutally kill a ‘series’ of people. Criminologists call them psychopaths. Although we have been plagued through history with serial killers ranging from criminal masterminds to opportunistic killers, we still know very little whether nature or nurture is theContinue reading “#BookRecommendation Evil Serial Killers by Charlotte Greig”

#BookRecommendation for ‘Motive to Murder’ by Martin Edwards.

To create a realistic crime drama or thriller, there are a few aspects to take into consideration to create a plot that your reader will think is plausible. ‘Motive to Murder’ delves into the nitty gritty of how police take a homicide from case to court. Martin Edwards provides an authoritative guide to how murdersContinue reading “#BookRecommendation for ‘Motive to Murder’ by Martin Edwards.”

#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller

Genre: Thriller/Suspense And the world went into lock-down. The end of 2019 and 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic, its roots embedded in a small Chinese lab in Wuhan. This is the controversial story that sets to blow apart what a government may have kept hidden. The story begins in 1346 Caffa, Crimea.Continue reading “#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller”

#BookReview ‘False Gods’ by Graham McNeill – Horus Heresy. #Scifi

“I was there the day that Horus fell.” The events on the Vengeful Spirit sets off a cataclysmic collision of doubts running through Horus’ head. Finally, the truth none of them wanted to believe was exposed. Phenomena long-forgotten brought once again to the surface, becoming rooted within the strongest of characters, seeds of uncertainty spread,Continue reading “#BookReview ‘False Gods’ by Graham McNeill – Horus Heresy. #Scifi”