The Spider Mushroom Quest by Dawn Narshallsay

Ivy, is the first character to be brought in, and an interesting one at that. Half goblin, she has unique abilities, but not been full goblin means she suffers more than what some may think. The story had me captivated from the start. The creativity of this world and the characters within it clearly depictContinue reading “The Spider Mushroom Quest by Dawn Narshallsay”

The last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi by Ashland Menshouse review

The novel starts off with five children having the ability to kill ghosts, demons etc. Rodriqa, Aubrey, Jordana, Buzz and Magnos have gained a reputation in their town to drive away or kill creatures that wander in. The author clearly describes the characters and the special abilities each child has; instantly creating a detailed pictureContinue reading “The last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi by Ashland Menshouse review”

The Christmas town by Elyse Douglas review

Megan is the first character brought into the story. Visiting her parents for Christmas, her plane is rapidly diverted to Montpelier because of bad weather. An aspiring actress with a quirky attitude. On the same flight is Jackie. Going to her boyfriend’s parent’s house for Christmas; an assertive and ambitious woman, who is on theContinue reading “The Christmas town by Elyse Douglas review”

Perfect victim by Jan Christensen review

Perfect victim by Jan Christensen Paula Mitchell, a private detective, works for lawyer Geri Smithfield, her skills get her to take the case of Warren Wade, who on the surface would seem to have murdered his ex-girlfriend. I was instantly pulled in, getting to know the quirks of the characters, what made them tick. AlwaysContinue reading “Perfect victim by Jan Christensen review”

Don’t Hate the Player, by Luke Harold review

Don’t Hate the Player, by Luke Harold This was set to be an amusing and enlightened read, about the ‘game’ of being a pick up artist in Hollywood. It was quite revealing the lengths men will go to, and the boot camps that are available for men to learn the perfect way of picking upContinue reading “Don’t Hate the Player, by Luke Harold review”

The Alliance by Scott Klug review

Father Pete Farrell is immediately brought into the picture. Quickly getting an idea of what he is like. Simplistic start to the book, immediately grasping my attention of the uniqueness of the characters. The novel continues to Russia, Petersburg where the Archbishop Alexander resides. Little glimpses to where the story would take me, and whatContinue reading “The Alliance by Scott Klug review”

Olivia, Mourning by Yael Politis review

Starting off in the 19th century the author gives a good picture of the time, landscape and characters. Although the start didn’t really give anything away to what the novel was going to be about, I continued to read as the story goes very in-depth about Olivia’s life before it changes forever. Leading a somewhatContinue reading “Olivia, Mourning by Yael Politis review”

A Gordian web by Guy Butler review

A Gordian web by Guy Butler The start instantly intrigued me to read further. Starting with the talk of the Polish freedom fighters against the Nazi forces, one man in particular the Spider or Pajak was particularly instrumental in attacks against the Nazis, and de-stabilising the Russian control. Inevitably the Germans and Russians are quickContinue reading “A Gordian web by Guy Butler review”

Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings by Michelle Knight review

The beginning drew me in; goose bumps prickled my flesh as I began to read the preface of the story. Mentioning some of the others that went missing, some almost forgotten. A story of terrible despair and cruelty, only to cause these women to develop into courageous women, that despite everything they made it, andContinue reading “Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings by Michelle Knight review”

The Seven year Laowai by Travis Lee

A true story based on Travis’ life when he worked as a teacher in china. Working with other foreign teachers whom their pasts gave them much but chose to go to china to teach based on various reasons. Some using their teaching positions to get what they want. A colourful array of characters, some youContinue reading “The Seven year Laowai by Travis Lee”