A Thrilling Spotlight Tour

Excerpt:     The young woman’s legs gave way underneath her, her body collapsing to the ground. She lay there motionless. She tried to get up, she had to get out of here, but her body refused to move. Feeling her limp body slowly being lifted off the floor. Where was she again? How had she got here?Continue reading “A Thrilling Spotlight Tour”

Excerpt from Initiated to Kill

Prologue January, 1888 The solemn lodge hid from unworthy eyes, an unnoticeable forgotten place made of granite. Two Sphinx- like granite lions with women’s heads peered down from the entrance of the lodge. An “ankh” adorned the lion’s neck, entwined with a cobra. An image of a woman embellished the neck and breast of theContinue reading “Excerpt from Initiated to Kill”

Chapter 31

31 August, 1888 Buck’s Row, Whitechapel Mesmerized by the flickering embers, causing near unbearable heat as it radiated through the small room. This time he was truly ready. He could feel the accusing stare of the man that had come to see him a few days after that night. He’d sat there, glowering, not utteringContinue reading “Chapter 31”

Sample chapter of Initiated to Kill

Chapter 8 7 August, 1888 George Yard, Whitechapel The dark suffocating smog enveloped the man as he strolled down the grimy streets. The smell from the raw sewage drifted in the night air, flowing through the gutters and into the Thames River. Dressed in a navy uniform, with a white band around his cap, aContinue reading “Sample chapter of Initiated to Kill”