The World Behind Secret Societies.

Secret societies have throughout history been seeped in controversy, conspiracy and murder. However, many of these societies may at one point in time considered to be an elite gentlemen’s club, or a club for the most influential to partake in world changing events. Freemasons were at one point full of the most elite and powerfulContinue reading “The World Behind Secret Societies.”

Freemasons – A Secret Society or a Misunderstood Organisation?

Once a secret society, persecuted by the Nazis; lodges burned, and members imprisoned along with the Jews. However, the Freemasons were once influential men, protectors of the crown. Initiates right up to Master Masons were men of means or served a national purpose. Their background stems all the way back to the days Solomon’s TempleContinue reading “Freemasons – A Secret Society or a Misunderstood Organisation?”