On the Trail of Tapa Hopping in Seville.

Iberian white chorizo from El Rinconcillo, sipping a cold beer nibbling on patatas bravas at Badulaque in Alameda, or enjoy a tapa lunch on the outdoor terrace at Dos de Mago, sampling their espinacas con garbanzos and cod croquettes. Indulge in the extensive wine list at Michelin rated La Azotea accompanied by saquitos and burrataContinue reading “On the Trail of Tapa Hopping in Seville.”

An Oasis Amidst Seville – Parque de Maria Luisa.

White pigeons scatter along the green fields; ducks, swans and peacocks flutter about, vying for visitor’s attention. Artificial fountains sprout their watery wings. Bird of paradise spreads its bright orange leaves; deep blue spikes protrude within, affectionately held by the intense outer pink. Red carnations, Frangipani, Hibiscus, orchids, pink Spanish rose and Spanish poppy welcomeContinue reading “An Oasis Amidst Seville – Parque de Maria Luisa.”

Plaza de Espana – Seville’s Chance at Unification.

An array of color, nature and architectural brilliance encircles any who wander in to explore. Set at the edge of Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de Espana holds both historical significance to locals, and a modern day spectacular as an epitome for Moorish revival in Spain, showcasing Spain’s industry and technology. The great architect Anibal GonzalezContinue reading “Plaza de Espana – Seville’s Chance at Unification.”

Archaeological Museum in Sevilla – A historical and Architectural Marvel.

Seville is known for many things – culture, food, historical monuments, and their variety of notable museums. One museum in particular offers one of the most extensive Roman art collections in Europe – The Archaeological museum located in Maria Luisa Park. Whether is it sheltering from a hot day, or from the rare occurrence itContinue reading “Archaeological Museum in Sevilla – A historical and Architectural Marvel.”

La Alameda – Diverse Nightlife and Boho flavor.

La Alameda combines artistic flair, boho flavor, historical landscapes, and a rather unique nightlife.  Originally a promenaded public garden in 1574, and named after the 8 rows of white poplar (Alamos) trees, it is now the oldest public garden in Europe. In the late 19thcentury, the rich and famous would congregate to the kiosks andContinue reading “La Alameda – Diverse Nightlife and Boho flavor.”

La Macarena – A Different Slant on Sevilla.

Trendy cafes, independent boutiques and markets fill the barrio of Macarena. Once the poorest slum in Sevilla, where it was once a no-go zone for tourists 15 years ago, it now brings to life the history, culture and authentic nature of the Spanish.  “According to some historians, the name La Macarena derives from the Arabic wordContinue reading “La Macarena – A Different Slant on Sevilla.”

Seville University – An 18th century Architectural Marvel.

Large black iron gates open to the entrance of the Rectory; an angel blowing a horn can be seen perched on the center. Elaborate carvings adorn the building. A patio with pillars greets visitors and students alike. One of the top ranked universities in the country, Seville University has a colorful history dating back toContinue reading “Seville University – An 18th century Architectural Marvel.”