Prologue – The Legend Returns

Prologue 1600, Csejthe Castle – Hungary Snow cascaded down on Csejthe castle, looming menacing over the village, hidden in the depths of the Carpthian Mountains.     Elizabeth gazed admiringly at her beautiful reflection. Her young, terrified servant attempting to avoid eye contact. Quivering, her hand gingerly combed Elizabeth’s hair, petrified of doing something wrong.     She feltContinue reading “Prologue – The Legend Returns”

Vulnerable Target Zones in Krav Maga.

“My adrenaline kicked in with his approach. Striking out fast, lunging down and punching him in the groin. Knowing that was the quickest and fastest move to weaken him.  Using the momentum to shove a heel kick to his knee, using his strength to propel away from him.” (The Legend Returns). Knowing vulnerable areas toContinue reading “Vulnerable Target Zones in Krav Maga.”