Cape Reinga – Where the Spirits of the Dead Meet the Underworld.

The pinnacle of the North Island, crashing waves of the Tasman and Pacific Sea clamor for attention against the jagged rocks protruding from the cliff’s precipice. Cape Reinga originates from the Maori language ‘the point where the spirits of the dead meet the underworld’. Cape Reinga is a favorite tourist destination standing upon the abyssContinue reading “Cape Reinga – Where the Spirits of the Dead Meet the Underworld.”

Seville University – An 18th century Architectural Marvel.

Large black iron gates open to the entrance of the Rectory; an angel blowing a horn can be seen perched on the center. Elaborate carvings adorn the building. A patio with pillars greets visitors and students alike. One of the top ranked universities in the country, Seville University has a colorful history dating back toContinue reading “Seville University – An 18th century Architectural Marvel.”

Santa Cruz – the Former Jewish Quarter of Seville

Bordered by Calles Mateas Gago, Santa Maria La Blanca, Jardines de Murillo and the Alcazar. Narrow winding cobbled streets and whitewashed houses, meander through the wall-to-wall tapa bars, escaping into Plaza Santa Cruz, exploring the small squares lined with orange trees. Locals and tourists alike flock to the tapa bars, going from bar to barContinue reading “Santa Cruz – the Former Jewish Quarter of Seville”

Oreti Beach – Southland’s Coastal Highway.

Oreti Beach is a unique adrenaline junkie’s paradise. One of the only beaches in New Zealand that enables vehicles to cross its sandy depths. Around 26km in length, Oreti Beach offers a beautiful landscape for horse riding, 4-wheel driving, wind-powered vehicles, as well as all the other great activities like kayaking, dog walking, surfing andContinue reading “Oreti Beach – Southland’s Coastal Highway.”

One of Tuatara’s World’s Best Enclosures.

The Southland Museum is one of the world’s best enclosures, housing over 100 tuataras. From newborns right up to senior years, with Henri holding the record of living in captivity for over 46 years. Their breeding program allows an in-depth glimpse to the wonderful world of the tuatara. Check out when they are open :Continue reading “One of Tuatara’s World’s Best Enclosures.”

Auckland – the City of Sails, New Zealand

Auckland’s love affair with its waterside location has earned its name, ‘City of Sails’. Sparkling waters trickle along narrow isthmus of the Waitemata and Manukau Harbour. A cover of rainforest sprinkles over the surrounding hills, forty-eight dormant volcanic cones dot the landscape. There is never a boring moment, from travelling up to the top ofContinue reading “Auckland – the City of Sails, New Zealand”

Connect With the South Island by Train, New Zealand

Coastal Connection Ever dreamed of experiencing the whole of New Zealand without getting lost or not knowing what to do when you finally get where you want to be?                                                                            Rail New Zealand offers the prospect of travelling all over New Zealand without the hassle of traffic and inconsiderate drivers. The Coastal Connection combines the ferryContinue reading “Connect With the South Island by Train, New Zealand”

Dunedin – Oldest city in New Zealand

Deeply embedded into Scottish heritage, migrants established a town in 1848, thirteen years later gold was unearthed. Tour around Dunedin to view the towering cathedral spires, Flemish-style railway station, nineteenth-century castle and neo-gothic convent. Escape into the many art galleries and museums containing some of the best collections in New Zealand. Quietly wander into theContinue reading “Dunedin – Oldest city in New Zealand”

Hamilton – the Other Garden City, New Zealand

To most New Zealanders Christchurch is the Garden city, but many overlook what Hamilton has to offer in its spectacular collections. From the majestic Waikato River to lakes, walkways and golf courses, the Hamilton Gardens have got to be a one of the best visiting points. The Gardens The botanic gardens offer a range ofContinue reading “Hamilton – the Other Garden City, New Zealand”

Invercargill – Gateway to Southland Scenery, New Zealand

Capital of the Southland, right at the bottom of the South Island, gateway to New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery. Immerse yourself in the seafood culture, taste the famous succulent bluff oysters. Travel through the Southland Museum On a cloudy day, why not explore the Southland Museum and Art Gallery. The remarkable sight of a twenty-sevenContinue reading “Invercargill – Gateway to Southland Scenery, New Zealand”