Prologue – the Messenger

74 AD, Masada They are coming. The battering rams crashed against the enormous isolated rock face. Weapons clashed as the Romans prepared for battle. What was left for them to do?     Huddling in the far corner, I anxiously watched with the other children as their fathers and brothers gathered dirt and timber, quickly constructingContinue reading “Prologue – the Messenger”

Prologue 2 Blood Behind the Castle Walls

1600, Csejthe Castle – Hungary   High above the village of Csejthe, on the massive mountaintop of the Carpathian Mountains, a castle hides the beginning of a murderous rampage.     Elizabeth sat looking at herself in the mirror, admiring her beautiful reflection. Behind her a servant terrifyingly combed her hair, petrified of doing something wrong.Continue reading “Prologue 2 Blood Behind the Castle Walls”