Commercial and Literary Fiction – Where Does Your Novel Sit?

How would you describe your novel? What genre is it? And would you class it under commercial or literary fiction? I have been contacting publishers of late for my second novel. A rather time-consuming process where some publishers can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to look at the manuscript. Now, I considerContinue reading “Commercial and Literary Fiction – Where Does Your Novel Sit?”

Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?

Bram Stoker became famous for his legendary tale on Dracula. Many speculate that he based his idea on Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler; born 1431, and presumed to have died sometime in December of 1476, although how he exactly died, is still undetermined.  Vlad Tepes, the man that was imprisoned by the Turks, beatenContinue reading “Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?”

The Bane of an Author’s life. Cheat Words: Do you use them?

Cheat Words? Telling instead of showing? What exactly are cheat words? How do authors locate them? And is it worth the time and energy to even bother? You might be surprised how often certain words crop up in your manuscript. This is not to say that using them is a problem, it is more aboutContinue reading “The Bane of an Author’s life. Cheat Words: Do you use them?”

The Relevance of Flashbacks in Books.

Do you like flashbacks in books? Or do you find they confuse a story? Personally, I enjoy reading and writing flashbacks. Instead of writing a dialogue that might seem tedious, flashbacks can provide active and vivid detail without cutting into the present day story. Flashbacks can also build tension, provide psychological insights, and keep aContinue reading “The Relevance of Flashbacks in Books.”

Profiling in Writing.

Criminal Investigative analysis, investigative psychology or crime action profiling are all terms used to describe ‘Criminal Profiling’. A concept that wiggles between law enforcement, psychology and common sense deductions. Pioneered by psychiatrist James Brussel when he was brought in to help investigators establish a profile on the ‘mad bomber’ in 1956. With a mixture ofContinue reading “Profiling in Writing.”

Engage your reader using Body Language.

Understanding your character’s behaviour and why they react to events enables the reader to establish a connection with your character. Body language isn’t just being able to tell off-the-bat that someone is lying. It is about directing you onto the next action or line of questioning to take. Enabling you to ‘read the room’ moreContinue reading “Engage your reader using Body Language.”

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

Have an schedule/use a diary. I find this tip helps to keep me focused on what I need to get done for that day, and not allow other things to distract me.     Read books that fit in the genre you write. Note how they write about their characters, how the characters and plotContinue reading “10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer”

Initiated to Kill – what is it really about?

A secret society, an infamous 18thcentury murderer, a conspiracy to undermine those in power and a man’s vengeful agenda to achieve what he seeks.    An initiation that welcomes those into the Brotherhood, welcomes another that purposes could not have been foreseen. A man initiated to carry out work to fulfil a vendetta deep insideContinue reading “Initiated to Kill – what is it really about?”

Getting Your Name out There

I’ve discovered one of the hardest things in the writing industry to get people to notice you. If no one knows who you are, they won’t buy your work. Social media can reach out to people you don’t know. But still there’s the difficulty is selling. You can get followers, but what about buyers. I’veContinue reading “Getting Your Name out There”