Graphics and Quotes from Initiated to Kill.

Initiated to Kill is designed to mess with the psyche. The ending is not supposed to be neat or tied up nicely with no loose ends; instead I want to challenge the reader, leaving you thinking “what the hell just happened?”

All my novels have a main plot with various subplots interwoven throughout. They constantly go back in time for the main characters, to unravel the inner workings of the characters.

They are not your typical thriller. They challenge a person to think something else, to debate what truth is, and to confront their own perceptions.

I explore how body language and facial expressions can reveal what is happening in the subconscious. Taking you from past to present, and how they are interlinked.

I hope you enjoy, and if tempted to explore something new… Check out Initiated to Kill.



He knew, that one day, he would create

How does one man’s obsession revive an

Initiated to Kill is a psychological thriller that is partly based on actual events and a conspiracy theory. Delve into two serial killer’s psyche – one in 19th century London, and the other present-day Spain. What drove them to do it?
I heard myself speak with confidence and

Nestled inside the box, resting on

Initiated to Kill will arouse suspicions you didn’t know you had…

Pleading eyes looked up at me. “Help

An artist, Seville University, a deaf art student and conspiracy intertwined.

Hazysmoke wafted throughout the room.

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