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Just a quick note, that I am accepting to do reviews, but do have a long list to get through, so might take awhile. I only accept print books.

I know how hard it is to get people to notice your book. I myself am a self-published author. So I am happy to review most books out there, but especially those new to the publishing world.

I don’t get paid for reviews, and I do accept both e-books and paperback.

At the moment I publish reviews on Goodreads and my blog, sending the blog link to twitter and Amazon.

My reviews are not just based on my opinion, but I make sure to include certain details so the reader knows what they are getting to a certain extent, and from this they can make up their mind from my review.

Also, if you are interested in reviewing my novel, we could do a swap.

Here’s how I do my ratings:

1- Poor plot, and lack of realistic characters.

2- Grammar could do with some work, average plot, slightly weak characters.

3- Overall it was quite good, sometimes slow at times, could be improved by having a faster pace in places. Characters are shown their strengths and weaknesses. The reader can connect quite well with the characters, but the connection could be improved on.

4- Strong and detailed plot. Obvious research has been done to make the novel as realistic as possible. The reader can emphasize with the characters. Feel the pain etc that is portrayed. The reader feels as if they are right there. Imagery clearly set out.

5- Cannot put it down. Once you start reading, you don’t want to stop. You can’t wait to see what happens. A page-turning. Excitement builds the more you get into the story. The ending completely unexpected, even having to re-read parts so you don’t miss anything.

Send review enquiries to with a short query letter/ synopsis and links to your novels.

Good luck 🙂

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