#BookReview Beginner’s Luck by M.J. Furtek

Hildur is on the run from her elite organization determined to kill any that get in their way. The Watcher. Ready. Waiting for the target. Hildur is tracking her current target in the picturesque Iceland. Hired to kill. She is on the lookout for anyone that might increase the body count. Trained in body andContinue reading “#BookReview Beginner’s Luck by M.J. Furtek”

#BookReview The Cranes of Blackwell #ActionAdventure

The Cranes must battle against insurmountable odds to fight for their freedom, and to be reunited again. Genre: Action/Adventure Rating: 3/5 stars The story begins with Bergden Crane, a regime enforcement officer surrounded by families that are randomly interrogated and imprisoned by the regime. The Regime is portrayed as a brutal force that won theContinue reading “#BookReview The Cranes of Blackwell #ActionAdventure”