Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?

Bram Stoker became famous for his legendary tale on Dracula. Many speculate that he based his idea on Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler; born 1431, and presumed to have died sometime in December of 1476, although how he exactly died, is still undetermined.  Vlad Tepes, the man that was imprisoned by the Turks, beatenContinue reading “Elizabeth Bathory – The First Female Serial Killer?”

Prologue – The Legend Returns

Prologue 1600, Csejthe Castle – Hungary Snow cascaded down on Csejthe castle, looming menacing over the village, hidden in the depths of the Carpthian Mountains.     Elizabeth gazed admiringly at her beautiful reflection. Her young, terrified servant attempting to avoid eye contact. Quivering, her hand gingerly combed Elizabeth’s hair, petrified of doing something wrong.     She feltContinue reading “Prologue – The Legend Returns”

Krav Maga – the Art of Contact Combat

“Krav Maga. Meticulously practising the range of techniques taught to quickly and effectively immobilise your opponent.      The art of Israeli fighting – using your instincts to counter an attack. Delivering circular and whip-like hand strikes. Kicking below waist level so as not to lose balance.       Learning the principle of ‘flying centre of gravity’, body swayingContinue reading “Krav Maga – the Art of Contact Combat”