Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.

This guided meditation for Understanding Anxiety and Stress helps to bring to light unresolved thoughts and emotions that might be festering beneath the surface. They might be emotions you are wanting to avoid, or emotions that you are reluctant to admit to. Instead, of allowing these emotions to hold you in a state of anxiety,Continue reading “Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.”

How to Change Our Thoughts to Change Outcomes!

In this video, we’ll be doing a little bit of role play. In order to understand how certain thoughts lead to certain emotions, it can be rather useful to think of some basic scenarios that could realistically occur, then think about how we would respond to those situations. I’ll be covering two different kinds ofContinue reading “How to Change Our Thoughts to Change Outcomes!”

7-minute Visualization for Reframing Your Thoughts.

It can be easy to get caught up in unhelpful thoughts that lead to emotions and outcomes that you preferred you either didn’t experience, or didn’t want to dwell on. Visualizations can be useful to reprogram the brain to look at thoughts in a different way, without those thoughts holding you back from what youContinue reading “7-minute Visualization for Reframing Your Thoughts.”

How to Change OUR Thoughts to Change Emotions.

In this video, I’ll be discussing how our automatic thoughts lead to experiencing certain emotions, and how these thoughts influence how we react and the outcomes that result from these actions. I’ll be talking about how you can put your emotions into words in order to separate thoughts from emotions, and understanding the differences betweenContinue reading “How to Change OUR Thoughts to Change Emotions.”

Top Brain Hack for Anxiety.

In this video, I’ll be talking about the ideal breathing rate in comparison to anxious breathing, the importance of belly breathing, how to tell if you are a chest or belly breather, how to establish a good breathing pattern, and includes a quick 4:6 breathing exercise for stress relief and overall relaxation for meditation.

Stressed Out? Try these Four Foods to Ease Anxiety.

Anxiety. Butterflies in the stomach?  Sweaty Palms? Unable to focus? Feeling nauseous? 3.6 percent of the population have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, with 4.6 females and 2.6 males affected by general anxiety. Anxiety can be crippling. Making it difficult to perform simple tasks, and to engage in activities outside your comfort zone. Let’sContinue reading “Stressed Out? Try these Four Foods to Ease Anxiety.”