Brain Teaser. Signals. Emotions. Body Language, and the Brain.

Brain Teaser. How much do you know about body language and the impact of the brain? Check out this short quiz to test your knowledge, and perhaps learn something new in the process. 🙂 A signal or piece of body language that a person gives off which indicates their true emotions is sometimes called: a.Continue reading “Brain Teaser. Signals. Emotions. Body Language, and the Brain.”

Do You Know the Best Way to Communicate?

How much do you know about Body Language? When it comes to communicating, how much of what we communicate comes from our body language?  
a. 7%
 b. 7-38%  c. 55-90% d. 100% 
 2. Most of our body language is done how?  a. Subconsciously 
 b. Intentionally
 c. Consciously
 d. To make others angry 
 3.  What mightContinue reading “Do You Know the Best Way to Communicate?”

Engage your reader using Body Language.

Understanding your character’s behaviour and why they react to events enables the reader to establish a connection with your character. Body language isn’t just being able to tell off-the-bat that someone is lying. It is about directing you onto the next action or line of questioning to take. Enabling you to ‘read the room’ moreContinue reading “Engage your reader using Body Language.”

How to Tell when Someone might be Lying.

Body language and facial expressions are not exact guides to detect when someone is lying. However, they can guide you in a specific direction, to lead you to gather more information. Another piece of the puzzle, you just need to figure out where to put it. The more you know a person, the easier itContinue reading “How to Tell when Someone might be Lying.”

Using Body Language in Your Writing, and in Life

I have always been intrigued by the interpretation of facial expressions and body language. The TV series “Lie to Me” increased the popularity of learning more about this interesting subject.   One of the key things to remember when writing or reading a person’s body language is that it is not what they reveal inContinue reading “Using Body Language in Your Writing, and in Life”

Unveiling the Mystery of Body Language

Unveiling the Mystery of Body Language – Article 2   It’s not what they reveal in their baseline behaviour, but the change from that behaviour to something quite different. As a student of body language, people tend to ask me “what is my body language saying to you now?” They might cross their arms, orContinue reading “Unveiling the Mystery of Body Language”