#BookReview The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle

Techno-Thriller Tripp finds himself in hot water when in order to fund his research, he crosses the ethical lines putting everyone he cares for at risk. Synopsis: “Tripp Galloway finds himself struggling to balance his dreams of curing diseases with his morality. His team is on the cutting edge of medicine, using gene editing toContinue reading “#BookReview The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle”

‘The Cold Moon’ by Jeffery Deaver Review

Lincoln Rhymes, a paraplegic criminologist is on the hunt for an audacious serial killer whose MO is designed to prolong the agony of his victims. Amelia Sach’s is investigating two cases – the serial killer, and the death of a man that leads her to uncover a dirty secret some at the police force wantContinue reading “‘The Cold Moon’ by Jeffery Deaver Review”

#BookReview Chindi by Timothy Bryan

An ancient evil lurks beneath the watery depths, setting the Natives and British warring against each other once again. In 1862 Abraham is on his next big adventure – hunting for gold in California with his brother Billy. Stumbling upon a horrific sight, the two brother’s lives are changed forever, tainted by the evil lingeringContinue reading “#BookReview Chindi by Timothy Bryan”

#BookReview Sherlock Holmes The Keys of Death

Holmes and Watson embark on a dangerous adventure that sends them scurrying around London’s streets to chase down the culprit. September 1880, Mrs Hudson encounters a terrible tragedy that leaves her distraught and unsure of what to do when her deceased husband’s wedding ring is nowhere to be found. A young man approaches her, introducingContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes The Keys of Death”

#BookReview The Sabine Basin Conspiracy by Anthony DeWitt

American agencies rush to discover the immense power behind a gravitational wave, while a stranger possesses a powerful force that sets off a tirade of catastrophic events. Redacted. Top Secret. 1948, a major scientific discovery is under way conducted by Wilhelm Reich which could change the way emotions are triggered.  Dr Albert Einstein partakes inContinue reading “#BookReview The Sabine Basin Conspiracy by Anthony DeWitt”

#BookReview Reckoning by Stephanie Baldi

Genre: Thriller The D’Angelo’s past catches up with them when a killer avenges his lover, setting off a brutal storm of retribution. Miguel Medina is determined to bring to justice those that took away everything he loved – Carmela and Natalia. Living in the outskirts of Arizona, Miguel broods on the day he will exactContinue reading “#BookReview Reckoning by Stephanie Baldi”

#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.

Genre: Thriller No Spoilers. Savannah Lincoln is a ruthless and successful criminal lawyer in the line of fire when a number of her former clients disappear. Two detectives believe she is the main connection, leading them to investigate her life, and the multiple personalities she exhibits. A seemingly confident woman, Savannah begins to unravel, exposingContinue reading “#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.”

 #BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden

Genre: Thriller No spoilers. Intimidation, bribery, corruption and human trafficking. James McGettigan battles the most powerful to clear his name and protect those they are coming after. When James tries to rescue a woman in the water that fell from the boat belonging to an old nemesis, and whom potentially helped to cover up Donald’sContinue reading ” #BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden”

#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.

A series of cases brings Watson closer to the infamous Moriarty gang, each case unveiling the intent behind their criminal activities, designed to seek out a weapon that could bring about war. The story begins on a stormy ocean, all seems lost, waves crashing against the boat, a stranger appears on the helm; wealthy, secretiveContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.”

#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller

Genre: Thriller/Suspense And the world went into lock-down. The end of 2019 and 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic, its roots embedded in a small Chinese lab in Wuhan. This is the controversial story that sets to blow apart what a government may have kept hidden. The story begins in 1346 Caffa, Crimea.Continue reading “#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller”