#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.

A series of cases brings Watson closer to the infamous Moriarty gang, each case unveiling the intent behind their criminal activities, designed to seek out a weapon that could bring about war. The story begins on a stormy ocean, all seems lost, waves crashing against the boat, a stranger appears on the helm; wealthy, secretiveContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.”

#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller

Genre: Thriller/Suspense And the world went into lock-down. The end of 2019 and 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic, its roots embedded in a small Chinese lab in Wuhan. This is the controversial story that sets to blow apart what a government may have kept hidden. The story begins in 1346 Caffa, Crimea.Continue reading “#BookReview Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China by Gabriel Scheff #Thriller”

2021 Reading Challenge – Expanding my Collection.

This year I want to focus a bit more on reviewing and reading a range of books. My collection tends to revolve around thrillers and mysteries. I have started on the WarHammer series, along with reviewing a range of titles on Reedsy Discovery. Once I have read a book on my shelf, I give itContinue reading “2021 Reading Challenge – Expanding my Collection.”

#BookReview Home by Thomas Overlook #horror

I have so many questions, and I didn’t really get many answers. Joel and Aubrey just wanted a fresh start; there is a presence in their new home that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. Memories, lusts and secrets begin to reveal themselves, and one begins to question who exactly are these people, andContinue reading “#BookReview Home by Thomas Overlook #horror”

#Book Review – Horus Rising #WarHammer

Here it begins. Horus Rising in the Horus Heresy series isn’t exactly in the genre I usually read in. However, I have been quite curious about this world, and the amazing background that makes up Warhammer 40k. (And my Dan has got me pretty interested as well) 😉 So, let’s delve into the futuristic 31st millenniumContinue reading “#Book Review – Horus Rising #WarHammer”

#BookReview Plane in the Lake by Neil Turner. #Thriller

A plane crashes, setting off a chain of events that leaves Tony Valenti scrambling to save his family, bringing him close to an old foe, and people from his father’s past that won’t give up when they have a score to settle. Megan, a young inexperienced pilot flying a Cessna and several VIPs finds herselfContinue reading “#BookReview Plane in the Lake by Neil Turner. #Thriller”

What are Your 3 Favourite Books, and why?

Thrillers, Romance, Sci-fi, history, mystery, and all those in between. What’s your poison? Personally, I tend to gravitate towards thrillers; however, I thought I would go a little far-field, and delve into the dark and twisted world of Warhammer. What about you? Out of all the genres and book you have read, what stands outContinue reading “What are Your 3 Favourite Books, and why?”

Mastering the Art of Martial Arts – Book Recommendation

Kendo, Aikido, Karate, judo and swordsmanship. The Art of Defense goes back hundreds of years. Japanese martial arts combine cultural and religious traditions that have stood the test of time, with many around the world still practicing it today. Martial Arts by Michael Random take the reader into the fascinating world of Japanese martial arts,Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Martial Arts – Book Recommendation”

‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.

Night Watch, named after the morbid patrol period when the really ‘bad stuff’ happens on a cop’s watch.  Human bones at a residence, three skulls left at a successful restaurant, and a dead body found close by. In a sleepy getaway French town, Alexandra Cooper finds herself amidst some mysterious occurrences all linked to herContinue reading “‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.”

‘The Illustrated History of Weaponry’ by Chuck Wills.

Weapons throughout history have been the driving force between winning and losing, survival, protection, status, and technological evolution. The Illustrated History of Weaponry is a comprehensive book covering weapons used from prehistoric and Ancient times, weapons that changed the playing field in warfare, arms used to fight revolutions, era weapons spanning from the times ofContinue reading “‘The Illustrated History of Weaponry’ by Chuck Wills.”