‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.

Night Watch, named after the morbid patrol period when the really ‘bad stuff’ happens on a cop’s watch.  Human bones at a residence, three skulls left at a successful restaurant, and a dead body found close by. In a sleepy getaway French town, Alexandra Cooper finds herself amidst some mysterious occurrences all linked to herContinue reading “‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.”

‘The Illustrated History of Weaponry’ by Chuck Wills.

Weapons throughout history have been the driving force between winning and losing, survival, protection, status, and technological evolution. The Illustrated History of Weaponry is a comprehensive book covering weapons used from prehistoric and Ancient times, weapons that changed the playing field in warfare, arms used to fight revolutions, era weapons spanning from the times ofContinue reading “‘The Illustrated History of Weaponry’ by Chuck Wills.”

Book Review – ‘Warning Signs’ by Stephen White.

A murdered DA, a cop accused, a mother concerned her boy may be part of something terrible. Should a psychologist, a mother, or a cop ignore the warning signs?  Each character brings to life the convoluted story of vengeance and the corruption of the system. Alan tackles one of his toughest clients, her connection withContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Warning Signs’ by Stephen White.”

Book Recommendation – The History of Organized Crime.

“A word in the right ear can make or murder a man.” Traditional Sicilian saying. Delve into the seedy underworld of drugs, prostitution, and bootlegging and mass murder in ‘The History of Organized Crime’by David Southwell. Some of us probably have heard of Al Capone, ‘Lucky’ Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, John Gotti,Continue reading “Book Recommendation – The History of Organized Crime.”

Encyclopaedia of Women Killers.

What drives a person to commit murder? You probably have heard of Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Zodiac killer, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam and H.H.Holmes the Torture Doctor. However, the female of any species can actually be deadlier than the male. The praying mantis kills the male after mating. So too, women can displayContinue reading “Encyclopaedia of Women Killers.”

The Death Collectors Review

The Death Collectors by Jack Kerley takes the reader on a suspenseful ride that will keep you guessing until the end. “In 1972, on the day of his sentencing, renowned artist and serial killer Marsden Hexcamp is shot dead in the courtroom by a mysterious veiled woman. Members of his Mansonesque band of followers areContinue reading “The Death Collectors Review”

‘True Crime Through History’ Review.

The Red Barn murder, the acid-bath killer, the Yorkshire Ripper, Seducer and Slayer,  The Jack the Ripper of France, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Son of Sam amongst many others whose crimes have scarred, horrified and fascinated people throughout history. Richard Glyn Jones breaks down the crimes of some of the most notorious murders throughout historyContinue reading “‘True Crime Through History’ Review.”

The Spider Mushroom Quest by Dawn Narshallsay

Ivy, is the first character to be brought in, and an interesting one at that. Half goblin, she has unique abilities, but not been full goblin means she suffers more than what some may think. The story had me captivated from the start. The creativity of this world and the characters within it clearly depictContinue reading “The Spider Mushroom Quest by Dawn Narshallsay”

The last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi by Ashland Menshouse review

The novel starts off with five children having the ability to kill ghosts, demons etc. Rodriqa, Aubrey, Jordana, Buzz and Magnos have gained a reputation in their town to drive away or kill creatures that wander in. The author clearly describes the characters and the special abilities each child has; instantly creating a detailed pictureContinue reading “The last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi by Ashland Menshouse review”

The Christmas town by Elyse Douglas review

Megan is the first character brought into the story. Visiting her parents for Christmas, her plane is rapidly diverted to Montpelier because of bad weather. An aspiring actress with a quirky attitude. On the same flight is Jackie. Going to her boyfriend’s parent’s house for Christmas; an assertive and ambitious woman, who is on theContinue reading “The Christmas town by Elyse Douglas review”