Monday 22nd morning workout – strength bootcamp and cardio

My Easter Monday workout is a strength bootcamp with cardio intervals. 50 second intervals, no repeat exercises. The main focus is legs, core, shoulders and back. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter: #bootcamp #strength #cardio #bootcampworkouts #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 26th morning workout – 30 minute cardio bootcamp

This 30 minute cardio bootcamp focuses on cardio conditioning, toning and strengthening your entire body. The circuits have 3 exercises, performed in 1-2 minute intervals. An ideal workout to start the new week, and helps to burn off some of those calories consumed on the weekend. 🙂 #mindbodyhealth    

Friday 21st morning workout – Cardio and Strength bootcamp

What better way to end the week than to do a strength and cardio bootcamp. After recovering from a small operation, finally being able to do a workout feels pretty good. 🙂 Circuit style bootcamp with 3 stations – lower body, upper body, and cardio. 30 second intervals, 4 rounds of each circuit.    

Wednesday 8th morning workout – full body bootcamp

My Wednesday morning workout focuses on the back, shoulders, legs, biceps and triceps. Each circuit contains compound moves to work the lower and upper body at the same time. Starting with a 5 compound exercise circuit to work the legs, shoulders, back and chest. Each compound move is performed for 40 seconds, moving onto theContinue reading “Wednesday 8th morning workout – full body bootcamp”

Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.

A fantastic bootcamp workout to target the shoulders, back, hamstrings and butt. Innovative moves to challenge the muscles, like the pendulum back fly. 45 second intervals, 4 exercises in each circuit, done 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. Get ready to sweat, and to tone up for summer, or that special event.Continue reading “Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.”