Tuesday 7th Cardio and Abs and Boxing

Hit those abs and increase the heart rate and fat burn with cardio intervals. 30 second intervals, 3 rounds, cycling between cardio and abs. Box your body into shape with 1 minute and 30 second boxing and cardio intervals. 3 rounds per circuit, with intense 1 minute intervals, and 30 second moderate exercises. If youContinue reading “Tuesday 7th Cardio and Abs and Boxing”

Thursday 19th morning workout -32 minute box and burn

Burn and box away those calories in boxing and bodyweight strength intervals. 5 minutes of boxing drills, followed by 5 minutes of lower body strength, 5 minutes of boxing, 5 minutes of upper body, and finally we hit the core. If you like my content, I have a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and advice onContinue reading “Thursday 19th morning workout -32 minute box and burn”

Tuesday 2nd morning workout – Rumble Boxing and cardio

Are you ready to Rumble..? Tuesday morning brings combos of boxing and cardio, 6 rounds of a range of combos of boxing moves, cardio moves and core. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ghyNAH #boxing #mindbodyhealth #cardio  

Thursday 28th morning workout – Shadow Boxing for Beginners

My Thursday morning workout takes it back to the basics in boxing. 1-6 format for boxing combinations. Nate breaks down the basics, then throughout the workout chucks in a variety of combinations. A great physical and mental workout to start your day off with a punch. 😉   If you enjoy my content, I amContinue reading “Thursday 28th morning workout – Shadow Boxing for Beginners”

Monday 24th morning workout – cardio box and lift

My Christmas eve workout brings a combination of cardio and lifting with light hand weights. Combining a range of boxing moves for the first half of the workout to get the heart rate up, and to get used to the boxing moves. The second part of the workout uses light hand weights while doing boxingContinue reading “Monday 24th morning workout – cardio box and lift”

Wednesday 31st morning workout – boxing and toning

Want to be on your way to a toned body? Then give this workout a try. 40 minutes of boxing and toning specifically designed for Victoria Secret models. This workout combines the cardio power of boxing, while toning the entire body. For added intensity bands and light hand weights can be used. You can eitherContinue reading “Wednesday 31st morning workout – boxing and toning”

Tuesday 7th morning workout – dancing and boxing

My Tuesday morning workout. A workout that combines boxing with ballet fitness to increase cardio endurance while helping to tone up muscles. Going between cardio boxing, then moving onto a great ballet butt workout, finishing off with a flowing yoga stretch.