Focus: The Defining Difference between Success and Disappointment.

Join me in bringing FOCUS back to your life, and unlocking the potential you have always had. Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions is the key difference between succeeding in life, and being constantly disappointed. Everyone has been rejected or disappointed in life; some have chosen to allow that rejection to ‘distort’ the way they perceiveContinue reading “Focus: The Defining Difference between Success and Disappointment.”

How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking!

How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking! In this video, I will be discussing two common mindsets that can lead to, or worsen anxiety, depression, PTSD and OCD – Over-thinking and Over-generalizing. I’ll be talking a little bit about some things that completely changed my life, how I used those experiences to move forward, howContinue reading “How to Turn Over-thinking into Proactive Thinking!”

Arming the Body – What the Arms Communicate when a Person is Silent.

Seven to ten seconds. That is all it can take to create a lasting impression. Now, that does not mean it is all over, and you cannot rectify things. However, it is important to keep that in mind when factoring in body language. Whether you are in public speaking, social interactions or in another typeContinue reading “Arming the Body – What the Arms Communicate when a Person is Silent.”

Rapport – Building Trust using Body Language.

Mirroring and Matching to Change Emotions. In every situation we encounter, rapport is a vital component to endear a person to you, or to push a person away. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, matching and mirroring are important body language tactics for a therapist to use in order to encourage a client to open up toContinue reading “Rapport – Building Trust using Body Language.”