#BookRecommendation for ‘Motive to Murder’ by Martin Edwards.

To create a realistic crime drama or thriller, there are a few aspects to take into consideration to create a plot that your reader will think is plausible. ‘Motive to Murder’ delves into the nitty gritty of how police take a homicide from case to court. Martin Edwards provides an authoritative guide to how murdersContinue reading “#BookRecommendation for ‘Motive to Murder’ by Martin Edwards.”

Profiling in Writing.

Criminal Investigative analysis, investigative psychology or crime action profiling are all terms used to describe ‘Criminal Profiling’. A concept that wiggles between law enforcement, psychology and common sense deductions. Pioneered by psychiatrist James Brussel when he was brought in to help investigators establish a profile on the ‘mad bomber’ in 1956. With a mixture ofContinue reading “Profiling in Writing.”