‘Angels and Demons’ – See what lies beyond the theory.

The movie begins with a historic occasion that changes the landscape of the church. The Pope dies and an elected cardinal will be appointed as one of the most powerful men in the world. In contrast, a major scientific experiment is underway in Italy, revealing the discovery of antimatter, and its potential to create life.Continue reading “‘Angels and Demons’ – See what lies beyond the theory.”

Movie Review – Da Vinci Code.

The story begins with a man in the shadows receiving a secret from another man fearful for his life. A devout Opus Dei agent Silas played by Paul Bettany  (better known as ‘Vision’ from the Avengers) is introduced as a conflicted soul looking for redemption. The story jumps to Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks teaching about the symbolsContinue reading “Movie Review – Da Vinci Code.”

Inferno Review and Spotlight Tour.

Dan Brown brings another thrilling read that combines history, conspiracy and modern-day murder in a complex hunt for clues that leads Robert Langdon to a terrifying discovery. As always, Dan Brown brings a riveting tale that keeps you bound to the pages until the end. And for more thrilling reads, I have a Spotlight tourContinue reading “Inferno Review and Spotlight Tour.”