Thursday 11th morning workout – dance tabata

Dance away those calories in this 30 minute hip-hop tabata workout – including a bit of twerking. 7 exercises done 4 times each – tabata style. Gives you a chance to learn the moves while getting a great cardio workout. No excuses not to work out – dancing is a fun way to get intoContinue reading “Thursday 11th morning workout – dance tabata”

Tuesday 4th morning workout – cardio dance and yoga hybrid workout

Get ready to take flight, dance and strengthen your body with a combo of dance and power yoga. Including cardio dance, yoga, squat combos, butt combos, upper body toning, core, and back to flow yoga. An ideal combination to ease you into fitness, or just wanting something a little bit different.  

Tuesday 7th morning workout – dancing and boxing

My Tuesday morning workout. A workout that combines boxing with ballet fitness to increase cardio endurance while helping to tone up muscles. Going between cardio boxing, then moving onto a great ballet butt workout, finishing off with a flowing yoga stretch.