The Path to True Success!

In this video, I will be discussing what self-awareness really is, how being self-aware can change every aspect of your life, and present some real-life situations and thought processes that lead to different outcomes depending on what path you choose… I then present another possibility that you could go with, and a good moral toContinue reading “The Path to True Success!”

How to Change OUR Thoughts to Change Emotions.

In this video, I’ll be discussing how our automatic thoughts lead to experiencing certain emotions, and how these thoughts influence how we react and the outcomes that result from these actions. I’ll be talking about how you can put your emotions into words in order to separate thoughts from emotions, and understanding the differences betweenContinue reading “How to Change OUR Thoughts to Change Emotions.”

Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.

Depression. That feeling of emptiness. Unease. Wanting to sleep all the time. Experiencing a lack of purpose, or believing there isn’t much to life. Thinking that perhaps life is no longer worth it. Around 300 million people worldwide experience depression. I am not talking about that feeling of sadness when something bad has happened. I’mContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.”