#BookReview Plane in the Lake by Neil Turner. #Thriller

A plane crashes, setting off a chain of events that leaves Tony Valenti scrambling to save his family, bringing him close to an old foe, and people from his father’s past that won’t give up when they have a score to settle. Megan, a young inexperienced pilot flying a Cessna and several VIPs finds herselfContinue reading “#BookReview Plane in the Lake by Neil Turner. #Thriller”

Movie Review – ‘Night Crawler’.

Unsettling, disturbing, hypnotic. Louis Bloom played by Jake Gyllenhaal could be considered both the antagonist and protagonist in this story, blurring the lines between observing the events, and actively influencing the outcome. This neo-noir psychological thriller takes on the darker side of what some journalists may do to get the story of their lifetime.  YouContinue reading “Movie Review – ‘Night Crawler’.”