#BookReview Galaxy in Flames

Brother against brother. Traitors against loyalists. A battle on Isstvaan III sets the stage for something greater and more terrifying. Beloved characters have to make a stand against one of the strongest forces in the galaxy. Betrayed and left to die a horrible death, the survivors make a final stand in the name of theContinue reading “#BookReview Galaxy in Flames”

#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi

Caliban. A world before the arrival of the emperor. Before the angels, when storms besieged the warp preventing travel to other planets, worlds left to their own devices. A world apart from any type of humanity for over 5000 years. A world with their own culture and beliefs. Knights, Great War horses, and primitive weaponsContinue reading “#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi”

Book Review – ‘Waking up Dead’.

‘Waking up Dead’ by Margo Bond Collins, the first novel in the Callie Taylor series. The start was slightly strange, but amusing start with the main character winding up someplace she didn’t expect after her death.  I wasn’t sure where this was heading. It seemed to just tell a story about a woman that diedContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Waking up Dead’.”