#BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden

Genre: Thriller No spoilers. Intimidation, bribery, corruption and human trafficking. James McGettigan battles the most powerful to clear his name and protect those they are coming after. When James tries to rescue a woman in the water that fell from the boat belonging to an old nemesis, and whom potentially helped to cover up Donald’sContinue reading ” #BookReview Falling from High Places by John Hayden”

Commercial and Literary Fiction – Where Does Your Novel Sit?

How would you describe your novel? What genre is it? And would you class it under commercial or literary fiction? I have been contacting publishers of late for my second novel. A rather time-consuming process where some publishers can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to look at the manuscript. Now, I considerContinue reading “Commercial and Literary Fiction – Where Does Your Novel Sit?”