Tuesday 4th morning workout – ditch the cellulite workout with cardio and toning

Want to ditch the cellulite for summer, and all year round? This 30 minute sayonara cellulite workout targets the muscles in the legs to tone every part of the legs. The cardio section helps to improve circulation, thus helping to reduce/eliminate and prevent cellulite. The workout starts with the foam roller to warm the bodyContinue reading “Tuesday 4th morning workout – ditch the cellulite workout with cardio and toning”

Wednesday 21st morning workout – lower body tabata

Tone, strengthen and shape your entire lower body in this 30 minute tabata HIIT workout. Grab your mini bands, medium and heavy set of dumbbells, and a exercise step (if you have one). Every circuit has lower body focus; however, Tracy also chucks in a few ab, bicep and tricep exercises, so you get theContinue reading “Wednesday 21st morning workout – lower body tabata”

Monday 29th morning workout – 40 min full body with weights

This 40 minute full body workout is ideal for all fitness levels. This workout has also been designed with modifications for women in early stages of pregnancy. 12 reps per exercise with a superset/circuit setup. The circuit contains 3 different exercises, with 2 rounds of each exercise per circuit. A great way to build strengthContinue reading “Monday 29th morning workout – 40 min full body with weights”

Monday 1st morning workout – leg toning

Leg toning workout, no weights, all body weight. 45 second intervals, working all the major leg muscles, to help get your body ready for summer. 🙂 Each exercise is performed twice. This workout gets your heart rate up while helping to increase strength and endurance in your leg muscles.

Thursday 27th morning workout – full body bodyweight workout

This 40 minute full body bodyweight workout aims to increase strength through bodyweight exercises. Each circuit contains the same exercise performed twice, then moving onto another exercise. Plank circuits, lower body circuits, ab circuits, and floor circuits to get the total body burn.  

Wednesday 12th morning workout – pilates strong workout

45 second intervals of pilates toning and conditioning. Focusing on moves to gradually build strength and endurance. Targeting the small muscle groups while using light hand weights. Incorporating some yoga strength poses, core moves, and pulsing exercises. You may be surprised how much this one burns!  

Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs

40 minutes of abs and cardio. Grab a light set of weights to amp up the abdominal work. Cardio and abs with high intensity intervals of 30 seconds. 3 rounds with 3 exercises in each round – core, core and cardio. The last 15 minutes or so of the workout is switched up – TabataContinue reading “Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs”

Monday 10th morning workout – kickboxing with strength intervals

Kickboxing with strength intervals to get your heart rate up, strengthen and tone muscles with this easy-to-follow HIIT workout. 8 rounds, with 1 bonus round at the end. 30 seconds kickboxing, 1 minute strength exercise, then 1 minute kickboxing, followed by 30 seconds of strength etc… Intervals are changed up to keep the body guessing.Continue reading “Monday 10th morning workout – kickboxing with strength intervals”

Tuesday 4th morning workout – cardio dance and yoga hybrid workout

Get ready to take flight, dance and strengthen your body with a combo of dance and power yoga. Including cardio dance, yoga, squat combos, butt combos, upper body toning, core, and back to flow yoga. An ideal combination to ease you into fitness, or just wanting something a little bit different.  

Wednesday 29th morning workout – triceps, chest and cardio

Target your triceps and chest in this cardio-combined workout. 1 minute intervals, 3 weight circuits, performed 2 times each circuit. Push-ups, kickbacks, chest pulse, chest fly, tricep overhead extension, standing chest fly, close to wide press, tricep pulse dip, single arm press, and a couple of cardio circuits to finish.