Wednesday 22nd morning workout – Back, biceps and cardio

5 supersets of back and bicep exercises, performed for 45 second intervals, 3 rounds of each superset. Followed by 7 different cardio exercises to finish off the workout.   While lifting the weights, you are using the glycogen that has been stored in your body, then switching to cardio helps to burn the fat thatContinue reading “Wednesday 22nd morning workout – Back, biceps and cardio”

Tuesday 21st morning workout – Full body cardio and body weight workout

My Tuesday morning workout is a cardio burst and isometric superset workout. Each circuit has a body weight movement, with a isometric hold, followed by a cardio burst of 30 second high knees, jumping jack and ski jumps. The supersets include squats, push-ups, 90 degree sit-ups, glute bridges, inch worms and superman.  

Monday 20th afternoon workout – pilates and cardio

Pilates strength and cardio workout used exercises with weights and body weight, for 40 second intervals. Pulse lunge, knee drive, abs, push jacks, alternate shoulder press, open single knee drive, high knees, sumo squats, more ab exercises, more upper body exercises. An ideals toning sculpting routine to lengthen muscles.  

Monday 20th morning workout – Ab strength

My Monday morning workout was a weighted ab workout, ideal for helping to create that ab definition, while strengthening the inner and outer core muscles. 45 second intervals, exercises performed 2x each. Weighted sit-up, side jack knife, leg lower, V-ups with weights, Russian twists with weights, frog sit-ups, plus more. Finishing off with an abContinue reading “Monday 20th morning workout – Ab strength”

Friday 17th morning workout – condition and strengthen HIIT

Condition and strengthen your muscles with this cardio and strength workout. Kettle bell swings, strict press, high knee ran, squat with press, overhead reverse lunge, high knees, squat with high row, bicep curls press to curtsy lunge, in and outs, lateral high knee, butt kick punch, jumping jacks, and burpee with reach. Each exercise performedContinue reading “Friday 17th morning workout – condition and strengthen HIIT”