Guided Meditation to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence

Guided Meditation to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence is a quick meditation sequence to improve your awareness to your natural breathing rate, and the sensations around you to aid in calming pain, worry, and stress. When you are mindful of your natural bodily processes, your confidence in your own abilities can grow over time, aidingContinue reading “Guided Meditation to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence”

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.

In this Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief, I will first take you through a gentle relaxation sequence, just to relax the body and mind, to prepare it for a deeper self-hypnosis. Then, we will take a journey inward, towards any pain you are holding. Within this meditation, we will train the mind toContinue reading “Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.”

Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.

This guided meditation for Understanding Anxiety and Stress helps to bring to light unresolved thoughts and emotions that might be festering beneath the surface. They might be emotions you are wanting to avoid, or emotions that you are reluctant to admit to. Instead, of allowing these emotions to hold you in a state of anxiety,Continue reading “Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Stress.”