CBD, Hemp and Hemp Seed Oil – What Parents Need to Know.

Throughout the years, cannabis has been surrounded in controversy. Supporters claim multiple benefits of usages; whereas, detractors are concerned about its effect on mental health, especially on how it can affect brain development in children. This is where CBD oil comes in. A good quality CBD oil will have less than 2% THC, on averageContinue reading “CBD, Hemp and Hemp Seed Oil – What Parents Need to Know.”

Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.

Depression. That feeling of emptiness. Unease. Wanting to sleep all the time. Experiencing a lack of purpose, or believing there isn’t much to life. Thinking that perhaps life is no longer worth it. Around 300 million people worldwide experience depression. I am not talking about that feeling of sadness when something bad has happened. I’mContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.”

Educating on Cannabis – How Cannabinoids Target Pain.

Pain. Internal injuries. Nerve pain. Muscular pain. At one point in time, we have all experienced some type of pain, and needed temporary relief. In other cases, constant chronic pain conditions result in a person experiencing pain every day. There are different areas of the body where pain originates from known as visceral, neuropathic, andContinue reading “Educating on Cannabis – How Cannabinoids Target Pain.”

A little something for you…

Not sure about the best foods to feed your family? What about the ideal nutrients to reduce risk of illness or to speed up recovery? My trimonthly newsletter covers a range of health topics for either you or your pet. In each newsletter, I’ll also include links to further resources around the topic of theContinue reading “A little something for you…”