Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.

A fantastic bootcamp workout to target the shoulders, back, hamstrings and butt. Innovative moves to challenge the muscles, like the pendulum back fly. 45 second intervals, 4 exercises in each circuit, done 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. Get ready to sweat, and to tone up for summer, or that special event.Continue reading “Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.”

Monday Triathlon-Inspired Toning Workout

This workout is great for working the abs, back and shoulders. Those with injuries, this could be a good workout for you to gradually build the strength (just talk with your doctor or physio first). Or just use it for a energizing morning, toning workout to start off the week; especially if you’re recovering fromContinue reading “Monday Triathlon-Inspired Toning Workout”