Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.

Lemon, honey and cayenne pepper may have been mentioned in some of my other immunity videos for top immunity boosters. High in Vitamin C and Fibre, lemons can help to Support Heart Health, Control Healthy Weight, Prevent Kidney Stones, Protect Against Anaemia by improving iron absorption, and Reduces Cancer Risk due its antioxidant terpenes andContinue reading “Lemon Honey and Cayenne Pepper Tonic.”

Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.

A fantastic bootcamp workout to target the shoulders, back, hamstrings and butt. Innovative moves to challenge the muscles, like the pendulum back fly. 45 second intervals, 4 exercises in each circuit, done 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. Get ready to sweat, and to tone up for summer, or that special event.Continue reading “Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.”

Monday Triathlon-Inspired Toning Workout

This workout is great for working the abs, back and shoulders. Those with injuries, this could be a good workout for you to gradually build the strength (just talk with your doctor or physio first). Or just use it for a energizing morning, toning workout to start off the week; especially if you’re recovering fromContinue reading “Monday Triathlon-Inspired Toning Workout”