Tuesday 21st workouts – HIIT cardio and core

This fun cardio and ab workout has a great soundtrack like ‘Talk dirty to Me’ and ‘Break free’. Each circuit has 2 exercises repeated 3 times with 1 cardio and 1 ab move. In the afternoon, I’m doing another Shelly Dose cardio and core workout with 3 sets each circuit of cardio and bodyweight strengthContinue reading “Tuesday 21st workouts – HIIT cardio and core”

Tuesday 14th morning workout – Zumba Strong

This workout was so much fun! Jump into this high intensity workout with low impact options. Kickboxing, plyo, cardio, you’ve got it in this 20 minute workout. Each move is performed on the beat, this is a type of Zumba workout you probably haven’t tried before. 🙂 If you like my content, consider subscribing toContinue reading “Tuesday 14th morning workout – Zumba Strong”

Thursday 7th morning workout – 40 minute bodyweight

Get the heart rate up while working towards toning the total body in this 40 minute bodyweight HIIT workout. This cardio-based workout has 4 rounds of each exercise. The first round has 45 second intervals, going through each exercise once. Then cycling back to the top again, and repeating the same exercises for 3 roundsContinue reading “Thursday 7th morning workout – 40 minute bodyweight”

Thursday 13th morning workout – intense cardio HIIT

Get ready to burn those calories and get your metabolism boosted for the holiday season with this intense 30 minute HIIT workout. Most exercises are not repeated, so the workout goes pretty fast. 45 seconds of work, every 4th exercise is skipping/active rest between intervals. #mindbodyhealth