Plaza de Espana – Seville’s Chance at Unification.

An array of color, nature and architectural brilliance encircles any who wander in to explore. Set at the edge of Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de Espana holds both historical significance to locals, and a modern day spectacular as an epitome for Moorish revival in Spain, showcasing Spain’s industry and technology. The great architect Anibal GonzalezContinue reading “Plaza de Espana – Seville’s Chance at Unification.”

Archaeological Museum in Sevilla – A historical and Architectural Marvel.

Seville is known for many things – culture, food, historical monuments, and their variety of notable museums. One museum in particular offers one of the most extensive Roman art collections in Europe – The Archaeological museum located in Maria Luisa Park. Whether is it sheltering from a hot day, or from the rare occurrence itContinue reading “Archaeological Museum in Sevilla – A historical and Architectural Marvel.”

The Relevance of Flashbacks in Books.

Do you like flashbacks in books? Or do you find they confuse a story? Personally, I enjoy reading and writing flashbacks. Instead of writing a dialogue that might seem tedious, flashbacks can provide active and vivid detail without cutting into the present day story. Flashbacks can also build tension, provide psychological insights, and keep aContinue reading “The Relevance of Flashbacks in Books.”

La Macarena – A Different Slant on Sevilla.

Trendy cafes, independent boutiques and markets fill the barrio of Macarena. Once the poorest slum in Sevilla, where it was once a no-go zone for tourists 15 years ago, it now brings to life the history, culture and authentic nature of the Spanish.  “According to some historians, the name La Macarena derives from the Arabic wordContinue reading “La Macarena – A Different Slant on Sevilla.”

A Character Interview – Annabella Cordova.

Annabella Cordova becomes involved in a complex conspiracy that leads all the way back to 19th century, London. When Annabella’s friend disappears, Annabella unwittingly finds herself in the midst of an murder investigation that not only implicates her university, but triggers of events reminiscent of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers – JackContinue reading “A Character Interview – Annabella Cordova.”

Freemasons – A Secret Society or a Misunderstood Organisation?

Once a secret society, persecuted by the Nazis; lodges burned, and members imprisoned along with the Jews. However, the Freemasons were once influential men, protectors of the crown. Initiates right up to Master Masons were men of means or served a national purpose. Their background stems all the way back to the days Solomon’s TempleContinue reading “Freemasons – A Secret Society or a Misunderstood Organisation?”

Initiated to Kill – what is it really about?

A secret society, an infamous 18thcentury murderer, a conspiracy to undermine those in power and a man’s vengeful agenda to achieve what he seeks.    An initiation that welcomes those into the Brotherhood, welcomes another that purposes could not have been foreseen. A man initiated to carry out work to fulfil a vendetta deep insideContinue reading “Initiated to Kill – what is it really about?”

Sample chapter of Initiated to Kill

Staring at her reflection, her cherry red lips spread into a smile. The man she was seeing was like no other. She felt the pull, the need to control. His position could be used for her advantage. She couldn’t help but admit she would enjoy this. Seducing was her forte, winning was her goal. AndContinue reading “Sample chapter of Initiated to Kill”